10 Garden Landscape Mistakes You Should Avoid


Landscaping is a hobby followed by many around the world. Although it makes your garden look unique and visually appealing there goes a lot of dedication and hard work when it comes to maintaining and planting new varieties as new seasons set in. So, if you are interested inlandscaping but just cannot get it right, here are a few common mistakes you should look out for.

Not Pruning a Shrub

A garden with a perfect landscape features a splendid balance of plants, trees, shrubs, etc. Depending on the area available, you might not be able to plant trees and therefore, might have opted for shrubs. The thing with shrubs is that they will only look good if they are pruned at the right time.

This is also one of the most common landscaping mistakes. Homeowners tend to prune shrubs at the wrong time, which does not allow them to blossom when the right season sets in. Shrubs that produce flowers should have their buds removed on time so that the flowers are given birth.

Therefore, the general rule of thumb is that the shrubs be pruned right after they have finished blossoming.

Neglecting the Trimming of Hedge

A hedge is a brilliant way to form a partition of one section of your landscape from another. Additionally, it can also be used to create a privacy partition between you and your neighbors. However, that is only going to be possible if the hedge is trimmed at the right time and in the right way.

Surprisingly, the majority of homeowners neglect hedge trimming, which as a result grows out of control. Eventually, the overgrown hedge takes over the plants and shrubs in the surroundings and makes it quite difficult and tricky to trim without damaging the accompanying plants.

Apart from hedge trimming, you should also ensure that it is weed-free to enable it to grow optimally. Simply purchase a cordless hedge trimmer and keep it maintained as soon as you observe it going out of control.

Girdling Your Trees

The term “girdling your trees” is related to tree care and has two different meanings. The first is that you observe the Oriental Bittersweet wrapping itself so tightly around the trunk that it actually becomes a part of the tree. This is a harmful situation as it can strangle the tree trunk.

With that said, you should always watch out for Oriental bittersweet and kill it before it is fully established. In addition to that, humans can sometimes cause girdling as well. For instance, tying a label around the tree for extended periods will cause the string to embed into the branches, killing the flow of nutrients.

Arranging Trees and Shrubs Symmetrically

You might have come across several properties with trees and shrubs arranged in a symmetrical order. While there is no doubt that it makes the landscape look impressive but there is a lot of maintenance behind the scenes.

Therefore, if you are planning to arrange your trees and shrubs in that order, make sure that you are willing to spend enough time, effort, and money to keep them in that particular shape. Otherwise, one tree or shrub will outgrow the other and you will have to put in double effort to match them.

Overwhelming Number of Garden Ornaments

A garden with a landscape is not always about trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs. Infact, you can place and install some garden ornaments as well. However, the problem with this is that most homeowners go overboard with it.

You should devise certain areas to place the ornaments and should not overwhelm the garden. If the case is the opposite, the ornaments will snatch all the attention from the landscape. This is the last thing you would want having spent hours and days maintaining the looks.

The key is to purchase budget-friendly and compatible ornaments that blend in with the surrounding.

Using Tire Planters in the Front Yard

One of the fundamental decisions you have to make while landscaping is whether you want to decorate your garden for yourself or the others. If the answer is “yourself”, then you can continue decorating the garden just the way you like.

However, if it is to impress your neighbors as well as your close ones, you will need to understand and develop a grip around their liking. For example, tire planters are a cost-effective way to

Excessive Grass Scalping

It is a common misconception that grass scalping is all about maintaining looks. Infact, if you were to ask the experts, they will set you straight by telling you that it is also about grass health. Cutting the grass too short is going to take a toll on its health.

According to the experts, how high grass should be cut depends on the weed seed germination and soil moisture. If the grass is cut too short, it will not be able to retain moisture. Moreover, you should also make sure that the mower blade is sharp enough to slice through the grass and not create a ragged cut.

Not Removing the Dead Leaves and Debris

Landscaping is not only about planting and maintaining the trees, shrubs, and plants but also about keeping the area clean of any dead leaves, debris, branches, etc. The thing about landscaping is that most homeowners spend a considerable amount of time planting new varieties.

As a result, they give less attention to the leftovers that make the area look dull. The primary reason is that landscapers are willing to spend more time and effort on appearances than removing scattered leaves and shrubs, as it requires relatively more effort.

Installing a Fence Too Quickly

Sometimes, homeowners tend to be a bit impetuous. The first thing they will do after purchasing the property is install the fence. It does not take long for them to realize that they opted for the wrong one. To pick the right type, you need to define your needs and preferences.

Experts suggest going for fence sections with shrubs in between. This allows you to remove the temporary fences and shrubs in the future to accommodate for a permanent fencing solution.

Not Purchasing the Right Plant Size

When choosing plants for landscaping, homeowners often neglect the right size. If you have opted for mature size, you will have maintenance headaches down the road as it outgrows its allotted space. With that said, you need to consider several factors to prevent the plant from affecting the foundation or other plants nearby by casting a shade. This is why you need to do your homework beforehand and select a size that will be comparatively easier to keep and maintain.

Final Words

As this article reaches its conclusion, we are sure to have shared the most common landscaping mistakes you should avoid. Remember, landscaping is all about commitment, maintenance, and choosing the right plants and ornaments. If you still find the process slightly confusing, do not hesitate to consult an expert.


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