10 Genius Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Dining Space


Home space is crucial as it can greatly define the comfort or the hassle of living in your house. Oftentimes, it’s so easy to just shop, order and buy things without considering where you’re going to store them at home, and as a result, your home space suffers. Organizing your place becomes difficult because there’s too many items and too little expanse. One of the rooms at home that often experience being overcrowded, not just with people but especially with stuff, is the dining space. 

Keeping the dining room comfortable and convenient is very important because it’s where you eat and recharge your energy alongside having nice conversations with the family. It could also be the same spot where you cook; cooking is not easy, so having a favorable dining area is a relief. What’s more, it’s so rewarding when you have a large dining space at home because you can install in it large cooking appliances and home additions, such as kitchen countertops. When the place is nice and breathable, you can munch on your food comfortably! 

Now, what if your dining space is small? You don’t really have the freedom to put in everything you want and need. You can only fit in a limited number of furnishings, and unfortunately, if your space is too small, even your food resources can’t completely be stored in it. And you just wish you had a bigger house for a bigger dining room. 

But hey there, homeowner! Keep your chin up, and don’t be sad! Even small dining spaces can be made unique and more functional than you think. Just because you have a compact region for eating doesn’t mean your house is unsightly and ineffective. Actually, with the right mindset, smart decisions and willingness to get the job done, you can maximize the use of your small dining room! How? Check out these 10 genius ways to make the most out of your small dining space!

1 – Light colors give the dining room a spacious illusion.

Small Dining Space

Colors have always been powerful. Wherever they are applied to and for whatever purpose they serve, colors never fail to be a major element that can make a monumental change. In home design, they are a determinative component that interior designers together with custom home builders pay close attention to. If you are not sure about what colors are ideal to enhance your dining space, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. 

A basic tip is that you choose light hues because they can give your dining room a spacious illusion, meaning they can make your eating area seem wide even if it’s not. Since light colors are bright on their own, they make the place bright as well. They aid in making your small dining space feel roomy and snuggly! Here, optical illusion works at its finest. 

2 – Opt for backless and slender furniture. 


When purchasing kitchen tables and chairs, you may often be tempted to regard design more than functionality. This is what gets a lot of homeowners into trouble when it comes to setting up furniture in their dining room. Of course, it’s not really an issue if your house is big, but if it’s not, then it’s an issue. 

To avoid regrets and wasted time and money from buying inappropriate items, opt for backless and slender furniture. Stout chairs with a fancy backrest are lovable and stylish, but they become obstructive inside a small dining space. Meanwhile, backless chairs only occupy the extent you’re actually sitting on. People moving around the dining area can move hassle-free and harmlessly without big backrests blocking their way. 

Slender seating makes way for more items to be placed in the dining space. Using them can make the room feel and look uncluttered. If you want to exhibit minimalistic home interiors even with a small dining space, small and slim fittings must be your pick.   

3 – Choose floating shelves rather than cabinets.

Small Dining Space

Storage is an inevitable requirement in the dining room, especially if it’s also where you cook and prepare the food that you eat there. You have to keep your food, dry goods, condiments, eating instruments, cooking apparatuses, vessels and utensils safe. 

Among the top compartment options are kitchen cabinets. They are truly advantageous, durable and long-lasting. However, they’re not the best selections if you have a small dining space. Although they can secure and preserve your kitchen essentials and grubs, they’re not ideal for your home’s margin.

Good thing, floating shelves exist too! You may have them tailor-built for your small dining space! They’re attached on walls, so you can fully leverage floor capacity. You may top up the entire wall with floating shelves, yet there’ll be more storage space below it for you to benefit from. 

They are quick and easy to install, but no worries because even though floating shelves have no base support, they’re strong and sturdy! These inexpensive alternatives for kitchen cabinets are loved by minimalists because they make a small dining space feel big and clean! 

4 – Buy a foldable dining table and foldable chairs.

Dining Room 

Some people don’t put much effort into taking care of their small dining space just because it’s “only” used for cooking and eating and because it’s tiny. But did you know that it can function as a study room, an art room or any other room if you want and need it to? 

Since you’re eating only in scheduled periods of the day, the dining area has inactive hours. Take advantage of those hours with the help of foldable movables. Buy a foldable dining table and foldable chairs. After eating, fold them up, and you’ll see and be able to use more stretches, giving you the chance to transform your dining room into another necessary room.   

As a homeowner with a small dining space, your priority is to optimize every opportunity to make it purposeful. Even if this tip requires a little more effort, at least, you can seize the space that foldable furniture makes way for! 

5 – Use multi-purpose items.

Dining Room

Wisely select the items you put in and use in your small dining space. Because this room is not that vast, it cannot afford to bear a huge amount of things. Sometimes, ornaments can no longer be accommodated because the turf is small enough to only contain small-scale belongings. That’s why only the most necessary objects will be the priority.  

To do something about this, multi-purpose items are a must-have. One tool performing two or more duties should be on your shopping list. Find a kitchen rack that can hold dry goods, frying pans and a microwave oven in one place. Compartmented cooking vessels are wowing! With them, you may cook two different dishes at the same time. It makes valuable use of your time while eliminating the need to buy a lot of cooking pots as well. 

6 – Customize wall-recessed storage spaces.

Small Dining Space

Walls are often left unused in some houses when they are the best zone to situate your storage spaces on. Have wall-recessed storage customized in your small dining space, and you will never be ungrateful! They make way for more legroom as they keep the items you place on them free from the danger of falling. Compared to standalone, wall-recessed storage is safer because they are unmovable and unshakable.  

7 – Make lighting highly serviceable.

Small Dining Space

Besides color, lighting is an impactful factor in home design. Make use of good lighting that’s highly serviceable. Small dining spaces are often dim, dark and dull. Make a difference by using bright and comfortable artificial lighting. Take note to let in natural light too. Ensure that light sources are placed over frequently utilized areas, like the dining table and the sink. Effective lighting welcomes positive vibes and a homely feel.

8 – Set a full-length mirror.

Small Dining Space

Another visual illusion technique that boosts a small dining space is setting a full-length mirror in it. Mirrors never fail to make rooms look and feel bigger. Their reflection spreads light within the room, so the place feels more spacious than it actually is.

9 – Hang lightweight and airy curtains.

Small Dining Space

No matter how expensive your curtains may be, if they’re heavy, thick and dark-colored, they are the worst picks for a small dining space. 

Lightweight and airy curtains are the best choice! Not only will they allow natural light to freely enter but they will also make windows appear larger. Sheers are the perfect choice! They beautify the look of your home from the inside out while retaining your privacy.

10 – Neatly organize all your stuff.

Small Dining Space

Last but not the least, the most important thing to do to get the full benefit out of small dining spaces is to neatly organize all your stuff. Congested dining rooms make you lose your appetite for eating. It’s hard to look for kitchen tools you need. Mess can make big spaces look small and small spaces look smaller. Don’t complain about having a small dining area if you don’t clean and arrange it. 



Just because your dining area at home is tiny does not mean it’s useless or ugly. With clever decisions in buying items you put in it and in designing your home, you can make things work productively in your small eating zone. Remember, there’s no better place to enjoy homemade meals than inside your house. Even if it’s petite, you can surely make the most out of it! You can find big happiness and create the same in your small dining space! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Worthington Homes, a trust-worthy Sydney builder specializing in residential construction. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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