10 interesting things you should know about tiles


While restyling your home, tiles (floor tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, wall tiles) do not cross your mind like cabinets, shelves, kitchen counters do. They come in much later but the fact is that choosing tiles is as much important as it is to choose any other interior of the house. A varied range of tiles are available in the market, with different colors and patterns. Hence, before you jump into the process of refurbishing your house, you should gain some knowledge about it. considering this, we are here with 10 interesting things that you would be excited to know about tiles.

We all know how important it is to make the first impression. Good selection of tiles can add so much life to a house. It can make any entryway, bathroom or kitchen look mesmerizing. Be it about selecting a bold color tile for kitchen or going neutral with the bathroom, with AGL you can avail a wide range of tiles in trendy colors and patterns.

Things You Should Know About Tiles

Brief History of Tiles:

Tiles were firstly made in Northern Europe. In the 13th century magnificent mosaic floors were made of lead gazed tiles. Europe flourished even more with the invention of tin glazed tiles. This technique was initially used by the Islamic potters from the Middle East which started influencing from Southern Europe and then spread towards the north. The earliest tiles were found back in an archaeological dig in Egypt dating back to 4,700 BC.

Floor Tiles as Wall Tiles:

Did you know? Floor tiles can also be used as wall tiles. Modern times follow modern trends. Using floor tile as wall tile is in trend as it can add uniformity to any part of the house. This style is for those who like minimalist design. Using floor tiles as wall tiles also adds a sense of tranquillity to the space.

Outdoor Tiles and its Multiple Uses:

Balconies, pool side areas, parking areas, tracks, to name a few are places where outdoor tiles can be used. Outdoor tiles can usually resist extreme temperatures and moisture prone areas maintaining your desired aesthetic for the space. A basic space could be transformed into an extremely eye catching area.

3D Tiles:

3D designs look quite realistic. These tiles are quite trendy considering the technology it’s made with and the kind of effect it shows. These tiles are made using micro lens technology which makes a normal image look realistic. It is capable of creating the illusion of a parallel world. For example when you enter a particular part of your house that has been themed floral, you will feel like you’re almost about to touch a real flower.

Vintage is the New Black:

Imagine refurbishing your house like old times in a modern way. Imagine having modified old patterns that gives your interior that classic, salvaged, Mediterranean or terracotta type look. Not everyone Is a fan of bold colors and stylish quirky designs. Hence, vintage tiles can be used by people who prefer minimalist design in their interior.

The Most Famous Tile :

A varied range of tiles are available in the market today and each of those tile could be used for different purposes. However there are a few type of tiles that people prefer using in their interior. To name a few, the most famous tile among the general population is ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. These are the most popular among all the tiles. Let’s discuss them.

  • Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles are the only tiles that can be used in any part of the house. It is mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens as well as mudrooms, foyers and other highly accessed parts of the house. But many households in warm climates also use ceramic tiles in living rooms and bedrooms as well.

  • Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles have 0.5% moisture absorbent rate. To make this tile, a special clay mixture called kaolin is used which is finer and purer than ceramic clay. Porcelain tile is fired at 2200-2500 degrees Fahrenheit and it is then virtually receives a surface glazing treatment.


Grout is basically the cement, color, lime and sand mixture that used to fill in the gaps between the tiles. It completes the flooring process and adds to the aesthetic of the place. There are thre types of grouts namely sanded grout, unsanded grout and epoxy grout. The basic difference between sanded grout and unsanded grout is that sanded grout has a consistency like peanut butter whereas unsanded grout is finer comparatively.

Grestek Tiles:

Grestek tiles are mainly used as floor tiles. Not only that, because they can be used as floor tiles, they can also be used as wall tiles. There is an entire series available at AGL in the name of grestek tiles which are as follows:

  • Grestek Marvel
  • Grestek Hardstone
  • Grestek Tuffguard
  • Grestek Digital glazed vitrified
  • Grestek Marblex
  • Grestek slimgres


Quarts are tiles that are durable and scratch resistant. It becomes an eye catching product for people who look for durability. It has a natural shine that polishes over time giving it a really illuminating and vibrant look. It has beautiful finish and is rich in minerals. So, it can be found almost around the world. It is colorless making it perfect for glass windows and minimalist home décor.

Natural Marbles or Engineered Marbles?

Real stones and marbles are really difficult to work with and are also very expensive. As an alternative, smart engineered tiles are available in the market which look alike but are different. Engineered marbles has less maintenance, has higher durability, maintains the required style and aesthetics and is environment friendly.

With just tiles, you can change the look of any part of the house. An enormous range of tiles, marbles, quartz are available in the market which gives any customer the opportunity to choose whatever they like. Tiles are a much bigger investment than any other interior, so the next time you decide to renovate your house completely, you must spend a fair amount of time in researching about tiles.


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