13 best Indian Payroll Software to Choose

Payroll Software

What is Online Payroll Software?

Payroll software allows employers to calculate the compensation for their workforce.

Payroll management software aids businesses in the calculation and distribution of individual salaries. It considers logged-in hours, tax rates, attendance, and other factors. The software automatically distributes the salaries to each employee’s accounts.

The benefits of Open Source and Free Payroll Software

Payroll management can be complicated and error-prone. A payroll software program can automate your payroll system and help you save money.

Automating secondary tasks would allow employees to focus on primary business activities. Open-source payroll management software is also free to help ease the transition period and expansion of businesses.

A good, free, open-source payroll software for Windows or mobile can be a great option. It will ensure accuracy in calculations and cost less than hiring a payroll manager agency.

Standard payroll software can be used by businesses to streamline and speed up their processes.

Best free Indian payroll software

Below is a list of 36 of the best small business payroll software. Each platform has unique features, so you can choose the right software to manage your payroll.

1. UBS Payroll

Payroll software is a great way to handle all your payroll processes with just a few clicks. UBS Payroll software is an easy-to-use payroll system that makes your payroll calculation smoother. One of the best payroll software having all the features required to handle and automate employee salaries. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS) is a one-stop-shop for all your payroll-related processes from salary calculations to tax compliances, automation, and more.

2. ZingHR

ZingHR, another employee-centric payroll and HR management program, has adopted a mobile-first approach.

Features of ZingHR

  • The software provides payroll compliance management features.
  • It assists companies with complex payroll compliances and offers a simple payout configurator.

3. Quikchex

Quikchex payroll system makes it easy to manage payroll. The company’s procedures and guidelines will help HR professionals manage the breakdown of salaries, the calculation and maintenance of payroll cycles, and the calculation of overhead CTC.

Features of Quikchex

  • It is so easy to use that you can manage the payroll of your entire workforce in five steps.
  • Quikchex offers the ability to place employees on hold and receive payroll in batches.
  • Quikchex makes it easy to calculate incentives, reimbursements and bonuses.
  • The software can also handle arrears, increments, and salary revisions.
  • After the monthly payroll is processed, the system automatically generates salary slips which can be sent to employees.

4. HRMantra

Manual paperwork has been used to manage payroll for decades. Manual management can be tedious, especially when you consider the time it takes to manage multiple profiles. HRMantra has the best HR and payroll software on the market.

Features of HRMantra

  • HRMantra automates most processes, including payroll calculation and management. It also allows for retention and record-keeping.
  • It offers solutions for payroll and HR management.

5. Zoho Payroll

ZohoPayroll, a cloud-based payroll system that manages expense and remuneration functions for any business, is an easy-to-use tool. This online solution is designed to automate payroll and make it more accurate.

Features of Zoho Payroll

  • Zoho Payroll allows companies to store and centralize employee records securely.
  • Zoho Payroll simplifies and streamlines the payroll processes.
  • The Zoho pay calculator automatically calculates payroll, system sizes pay schedules, approves pay runs, and can even do payroll calculations.

6. PeopleWorks

PeopleWorks, one of the most sophisticated employee payroll systems, is an all-encompassing HRMS that automates various verticals of employee management.

Features of PeopleWorks

  • PeopleWorks offers a broad range of tools and features that empower processes related to HR management and pay slips, from hiring to retirement/resigning.
  • It is available to large enterprises with many employees.

7. Paybooks

Paybooks allow you to simplify different processes related to Indian payroll.

Features of Paybooks

  • The software’s salary management tool provides an intuitive dashboard and a wizard to manage your payroll tasks.
  • It was designed with all HR and business policies in mind.
  • Paybooks integrates easily with many compliance reports, including Professional Tax, Provident Fund and ESI Form 16, Income Tax and other documents.

8. Alp Consulting Ltd.

Alp Consulting Ltd offers one of the best payroll management solutions in India. It was designed to assist in the accurate execution of complex payroll-related tasks.

Features of Alp Consulting Ltd.

  • This online payroll software automates critical processes that require accuracy and reduces manual work.
  • It provides the tools to optimize tasks, from hiring to retirement/resigning.
  • It is a web-based SaaS solution that can be accessed from anywhere.

9. ezpayroll

ezpayroll, a cloud-based and web-based payroll software, offers small businesses a simple and automated solution. It offers a step-by-step breakdown that allows for efficient payroll management and other tasks without investing in additional infrastructure.

Features of ezpayroll

  • It’s easy to set up and promises compliance.
  • It encourages scaling up as the needs of a startup or SME increase. It is employee-centric and offers employees many ways to reduce their income taxes.

10. PACT Payroll

PACT HR Payroll Software offers all the tools necessary to ensure that payroll management is efficient and up-to-date for any organization. It is flexible and versatile, allowing HR professionals to manage all critical issues and find the best solution.

Features of PACT Payroll

  • This software helps with payroll management, from job recruitment to the last paycheck.
  • PACT’s payroll infrastructure is specialized and helps businesses manage their payroll requirements in accordance with the company’s policies.
  • It allows employees to define their earnings, deductions and loans with complete freedom.
  • You can configure the parameters that will calculate each earnings and deduction.

11. JSM Payroll

JSM’s HRIS software has been a market leader for nearly two decades. It is flexible, user-friendly, modernized, and has been on the market for almost twenty years.

Features of JSM Payroll

  • Its most popular modules include HRMS, employee self-service, and time-sheet software for Indian and international businesses.
  • JSM’s payroll management and HRMS software can be tailored to meet specific requirements and compliances in different countries.
  • The exceptional support system and well-designed infrastructure provide all the tools necessary to manage all payroll requirements.

12. Paysquare

Its state-of-the-art payroll management tools make it easy to manage payroll processes quickly and efficiently. Paysquare provides end-to-end payroll and HR solutions for businesses to concentrate on other tasks.

Features of Paysquare

  • HR and employee data synchronization to payroll generation and processing, updating and maintaining employee information.
  • Paysquare offers a comprehensive HR-employee solution.

13.  AccuPAY

For accurate salary payments in any business, it is essential to have a systematic HR and employee payroll management system. AccuPAY, a comprehensive HR and payroll platform, includes payroll management and other HR-related tools.

Features AccuPAY

  • It allows you to manage your employees’ profiles and pay scales across the company.
  • This software allows the payroll and HR departments to communicate, analyze and guide their workforce toward achieving business goals.

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