You can easily navigate dense traffic or cruise down the highway thanks to the transmission mechanism. Most cars are equipped with two types of transmission: automatic and mechanical. However, modern cars prefer to have an automatic transmission system.

With a mechanical transmission, you can easily shift gears, but the driver gets the benefit from the automatic transmission so that he/she can keep his/her attention on the road.

Is it really so easy? Of course, such a mechanism has a complicated structure, and it requires some kind of lubrication to reduce friction caused by mechanical movements inside the transmission system.

What Is Transmission Fluid Used For?


A lubrication comes from transmission fluid and it is not just limited to the lubricating the components. Moreover, the transmission fluid helps in cooling down the system while eliminating the excess heat. It is also responsible for maintaining the hydraulic pressure in automatic transmission system.

However, you cannot expect a mechanical system moving without any lubrication. But, there are a lot of chances of a transmission fluid degradation. It means the transmission fluid tends to deteriorate over time and specifically if you are using vehicle heavily in busy traffic constantly or towing extra load consistently.

Do You Need A Transmission Fluid Change?


But, a question might come to your mind: is there any need for transmission fluid change? Most manufacturers recommend no transmission fluid ever. However, this is not true at all. The transmission fluid may get degraded for many reasons; it could be due to metal debris that can contaminate it or any other external waste.

Besides, the transmission fluid is expected to deteriorate once a vehicle has crossed certain limits in terms of distance. A vehicle may work properly with degraded oil, but there are enough chances possible damages in the near future. A transmission fluid change might cost you some money, but it would be way less than car transmission repair.

An individual who only does frequent driving might only require a transmission fluid change later as compare to a car who is frequently on the road (such as someone who drives a lot in cities) would probably require one sooner.

Additionally, whether your car is an automatic or manual transmission may affect when the fluid needs to be changed. Different transmissions have different requirements when it comes to the maintenance needs.

How Do You Determine That Your Transmission Fluid Needs A Change?


A transmission fluid’s condition can be identified just by looking at the colour. A fresh transmission fluid maintains a bright red colour initially. Once it changes to a darker hue and it is time for the transmission fluid change.

On the other hand, the transmission fluid may contain debris or other particles. However, this may require you to look for car transmission, oil filter services as the filter accumulates some debris or waste in such a scenario.

What Is The Effective Transmission Flush Or Drain?


However, both require replacement of transmission fluid. But there is a fundamental difference in terms of effectiveness. During a drain, you rely on gravity to empty the transmission fluid before filling it with fresh fluid, while there might be residual waste around internal components.

But, the flush offers a thorough cleaning around internal components while replacing the fresh transmission fluid.Therefore, the transmission fluid flush is an effective way to give a new lease on life to your transmission system.

Moreover, vehicles need different types of transmission fluid, including automatic transmission fluid (ATF), continuously variable fluid (CVT), and manual transmission fluid (MTF).

As the name implies, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is for automatic transmission systems while manual transmission fluid (MTF) is for manual systems. However, continuously variable fluid (CVT) is in demand for vehicles with sophisticated transmission systems.

Similarly, transmission fluid may require a certain type of quality and most vehicles prefer synthetic transmission fluid.

How Does a Transmission Fluid Flush benefit you?


As it is stated above, the oil transmission fluid usually starts to degrade at one point of time. It is quite visible during a drive as you experience the stiff gear shifting and some sort of noise.

However, using transmission fluid often results in improved transmission performance. It also preserves the internal components from wear and tear and simply offers a fresh lease of life to your transmission.

As the transmission system falls in the category of critical components, you should not be quite negligible when it comes to the transmission fluid flush.

A transmission fluid flush is performed by a machine that easily forces the old liquid out and fills the transmission with fresh fluid. It seems like a simple process. However, there are some manufacturers that recommend their own type of transmission fluid. They issue the warning that using different types of liquid might end up in damage to the whole transmission system and you might require a gearbox overhaul.

Apart from that, most automatic transmission systems need a complete service, including cleaning of the transmission filter or even replacement.

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