3 Reasons Why Waterproofing is a Necessity


Water is extremely important to support all life forms on Earth. Without water, none of the living beings can survive. In summers, when we are bogged down by the excessive heat, it is water that saves us. Water isn’t the need of humans alone, but it is also needed by all living beings.

Right from animals to plants, both big and small need water. Small and big birds that keep flying from one place to another in the search for food also need water to survive.

Water is not only needed for direct consumption but is also significant for other activities that are essential in life and support life on Earth. For example, water is very crucial for plants and food crops to grow. After the crop is grown, water is needed to cook the food as well, making it easier to eat and digest. Different life activities like bathing and cleaning require water too.

However, water is not only a blessing. Sometimes, it becomes a curse too. Water can take away lives as easily as it can save one. Water-related disasters like tsunamis and cyclones ruin people’s lives and destroy both life and property.

Waterproofing is the act of safeguarding something from the water. Today, we find several waterproof products. Raincoats are waterproof and help us protect ourselves from the rain outside. Not only this, these days, commodities like waterproof school bags are common as well. Waterproofing has become so common that you can even find waterproof makeup to protect your makeup.

Waterproofing is also a necessity when it comes to plywood and woodworks in our houses. Though people think that we are safe inside our homes, the truth is that our belongings and we are very prone to damage caused by water-related factors. As a result, several companies like CenturyPly Plywood have introduced waterproof plywood in India.

People have started recognizing the importance of water-proofing. If you are unaware of the benefits, read this article to learn the importance of waterproofing.

Three reasons why waterproofing is a must:

  1. Frequent water-contact of plywood in bathrooms- bathrooms are one of the most important parts of a house. While we decorate our houses with beautiful interiors, bathrooms also require woodwork. Since the woods used in bathrooms are constantly in contact with water, this frequent contact can damage the plywood very soon and therefore. It is important to get good-quality waterproof plywood for your bathrooms.
  2. Use of water in the kitchens- woodworks take up significant space in kitchens. Small wardrobes, racks, and shelves are common structures found in almost all kitchens. Due to the constant use of water in the kitchen, the plywood used in these structures comes in frequent contact with water which can damage the plywood very soon.
  3. Rain and moisture- rainy reasons can be very harsh on the woodwork in your house. Many people beautify their homes with beautiful interior as well as exterior designs. These exterior designs can be affected badly during the rainy seasons. Water is important for growing trees, but it can hamper the wood’s health when the deadwood has been used for designing purposes. It is therefore important to use waterproof and durable plywood for designing your house.

Apart from the frequent contact with water in kitchens and bathrooms, furniture and the interior can also be affected by moisture present in the house. Changes in seasons cause a change in moisture presence as well. Humidity can even cause mould and mildew on your furniture. Sometimes, furniture also tends to shrink and expand depending upon the weather. Therefore you should always choose good quality BWP grade plywood for your home.

Sainik 710 plywood is the best choice when it comes to buying plywood. It is boiling and weatherproof (BWP). Sainik 710 is completely waterproof and comes with an 8 Years Warranty. It is the most preferred plywood in the market today because of its amazing strength and durability all at a price of ₹105/unit.


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