3 Ways To Make Your Rented Apartment More Appealing


If you rent your apartment, then you’ll be more than aware of the things you can and can’t do to your apartment under your rental agreement. Often, these lists are quite extensive – no big change in decor, no nails or screws, no up to date refurbishments. Making changes without running them past your landlord first could result in some fines or cause you some hassle when it comes to you trying to get your deposit back. 


It can be hard to live in a space surrounded by beige carpets and dim lighting everyday, but there are some ways you can make your rented apartment more appealing, without getting into trouble with your landlord. 


White and Bright

Most apartments are quite small spaces, especially within inner city areas. Opening up the space and making it seem bigger with a lick of paint is possible and this is something your landlord is unlikely to object to. White walls will give any room a cleaner and fresher feel and won’t feel too clinical. 


With white walls, you can make the space your own by using soft furnishings and homely touches, without the worry of getting into trouble with your landlord. Choosing white paint is also relatively budget-friendly, as many retailers offer good deals on paint, meaning you can redecorate your flat on a budget. 


Make The Most Of Your Balcony Space

Most inner city apartments come with balcony space, but often the space is rather small, so making the most of the space is important. Firstly, give your balcony a good clean. Remove any old or dead plants and clutter, give the floor a sweep and then, using hot, soapy water, give everywhere a good scrub. 


The exterior of your apartment might be looking a little tired and grubby, so it could be worth mentioning this to your landlord to see if there is anything that can be done. Apartment buildings are usually high and in built up areas, so they can attract a lot of dirt. You could have issues with birds, which can cause health hazards, so it might be worth your landlord looking into pigeon guano removal to make the building look much better, but also more hygienic. 


Apartment balconies can often lack personality, because as standard, they have concrete floors and railings. Interlocking decking tiles and artificial grass are relatively inexpensive, look good and can be removed, so cause no problems when it comes to your landlord. Adding plenty of plants and flowers can add colour to the space and good quality furniture gives you a nice place to sit when the weather is nice. 


Mix Up Wall Accessories

Adding personal photos, wall decor and art pieces to your apartment will transform the space and make it feel much more like your own home. There are plenty of ways you can hang these around the home without worrying about causing lasting damage and worrying about what your landlord will say. 


Damage-free photo hanging strips and washi tape to hang frames and artwork up without creating holes in holes in the paintwork and walls. Adding wall decor accessories to your home doesn’t need to be expensive, either. You can collect expensive wallpaper samples and frame them to create unique pieces, or look for affordable prints from many art galleries, such as the Tate. 


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