4 Home Maintenance Tasks Everyone Should Pay Attention To


Buying a home is a major milestone in adulthood. However, having your purchase finalized and taking possession is only the beginning of the homeowner’s journey. To keep your house functioning effectively and to avoid future costly repairs, schedule annual checkups and maintenance on these four critical areas.


Unless heavy wind or rain tears shingles off your roof that you can see from the ground, you might not notice serious problems that require attention. Damaged shingles or those that have been blown away, chimney issues like a missing cap, and dented or broken gutters and downspouts are expensive to fix. Unseen and unrepaired problems can lead to more serious complications, like a leaky roof or gutters that let moisture seep into the ceilings and walls. Have your roof inspected by an expert every year and make any needed repairs.


Your home’s heating and air conditioning system should be checked by an HVAC system contractor once a year to ensure everything is operating correctly. A leak in the ventilation could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. To keep utility bills low, you will want the professional to see if the furnace and air conditioner are working to their full potential. An HVAC system contractor can check the parts to see if they are in good condition or should be replaced to avoid a possible breakdown in the near future.


A home’s plumbing usually holds up for many years. But a simple faucet leak or drain backup could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if left untreated. Moisture that leaks into the floors, walls, or ceilings from a leaky water pipe can cause mold to grow, which is both hazardous to your health and expensive to remove. If you smell mold or notice suspicious water spots in your house, contact a licensed plumber to do a thorough inspection and update any plumbing fixtures that appear to be reaching their breaking point.

Electrical System

Your house’s electric panel should be updated from a 110 line to a 220 line whenever more power is needed. You should also make sure the wiring is grounded in your home for safe electrical use. Extending electric wiring to the patio or garage should be carried out by a licensed plumber for safe and efficient use. Outlets that spark should also be checked for faulty wiring.

Keep these four major home systems operating effectively with annual inspections by professionals or more often as needed. Don’t wait for a problem to develop that could lead to expensive repairs or an injury. A well-maintained home will add peace and comfort to your lifestyle.


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