4 Reasons Why a Roof Inspection Might Be a Good Idea


It’s easy to ignore your home’s roof until you see a leak inside or notice shingles being blown away in a storm, but neglecting your roof can mean costly damage to ceilings, walls, items stored in the attic and even your home’s furnishings. If the potential for damage to your possessions isn’t reason enough to have your roof checked, here are four specific reasons a roof inspection is a good idea if your home hasn’t had one in the last year.

Damage From the Elements

Every roof eventually fails, even metal roofs. A roof inspector first checks for damage from sun, snow, ice hail and wind. Missing or broken shingles may be obvious from the ground, but screws or nails that are starting to pull out may not be. In some parts of the country, few roofs ever reach their guaranteed lifespan. That’s because bad weather is so frequent that roof damage from storms is likely before material failure.

Warranty Coverage

Having your roof professionally inspected may detect problems with your roof while it’s still under warranty. Some warranties even require yearly inspections. If the inspector finds a problem linked to defective materials, your warranty may provide free repairs or replacement. Additionally, installation work is often guaranteed by the installer. Inspectors can spot bad work, and you can give the installer the chance to correct mistakes before leaks and other damage happen.

Leak Detection

Finding leaks before they show up in your attic or on your ceiling can save you thousands, but only a trained inspector can spot small problems that may allow water to travel under shingles to a place where it can get inside your home. Some companies, like Ketchum Roofing and Windows, know that a competent inspector can find small problems so they can be corrected before there’s secondary damage to the home’s structure and contents.


A roof inspection looks at more than just your shingles. Your roof is among the ways burglars can get into your home. A roof inspection can call your attention to unlocked, loose or broken skylights or roof windows and other ways criminals can use your roof to enter your home. You might not think about your roof as an entry point, but thieves often avoid locked primary entrances and look for ways into a home that aren’t checked often.

Every roof should be inspected for damage, leaks and other problems at least once a year. Putting off inspections means problems can compound and lead to potentially catastrophic failure when the weather is at its worst.


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