5 Benefits Of Knockdown Rebuild – Know Why Many Homeowners Love It!

knockdown rebuild

Are you planning to have your house renovated? Or are you planning to have your dream house built? Whichever of these you are planning to do, you might want or need to consider knockdown rebuild. 

Find out what it is. Discover the 5 benefits of knockdown rebuild, and know why many homeowners love it! 

1 – Stay where you love. 

knockdown rebuild

We did not yet define knockdown rebuild in the introduction because its meaning directly conveys one of its major advantages. It’s here in number one. 

With knockdown rebuild, you can stay where you love. How and why? This process entails tearing down your present house and building a new one on that same land. Because of that, it allows you, homeowners, to remain in that exact place where you are used to living in and still want to live in. 

Your daily necessities and resources are very accessible from that area. The kids are doing well and having a great time in their current school, and they do not want to transfer. Your workplace is quite near. The neighborhood is so friendly and kind. The environment is peaceful and safe. If you’re experiencing these and loving them as they give you a pleasant life, it’s a shame to leave them all behind for an uncertain place somewhere else. 

Knockdown rebuild is the key to no longer need to say goodbye to your beloved turf. Yes, you will totally alter your current house, demolish it for a brand new abode to be established. Nonetheless, you are not abandoning that place where your heart is.

2 – Avoid the risky and costly construction challenges.


Every home building process involves some risks, of course. That’s why professional custom and new home builders should be hired to execute it. And if you want to further dodge the possibilities of structure troubles and accidents, opt for knockdown rebuild.

Compared to renovation, knockdown rebuild is less chancy and damaging. When renovating a house, there are times when bringing down a part of the house to repair or restore it surprises the contractors and the homeowners because of hidden damages, which could be bigger and worse than expected. Including such cases, there are also instances wherein unforeseen construction problems arise and extend the construction time frame. As a result, this leads to additional and costlier financial spendings. 

3 – Cheaper than house renovation and moving

big house

Knockdown rebuild can be cheaper than house renovation and moving because often, the pricing is fixed, without extra fees and hidden charges. 

As mentioned earlier, in renovation, there could be sudden construction issues that will require more and pricier expenses. Another thing, because the whole house exists, the renovators could see and suggest more areas for improvement. Especially if the contractors are quite demanding and pressuring, you might give in and spend more.  

In moving, you will have more documents, agreements and processes to undergo, which include buying a land, procuring titles and many more. Doing a knockdown rebuild is cheaper than moving because you already have your land, and what you have to work on are the local building code permissions and your desired home design among others. 

4 – Less lifestyle adjustments and life changes

knockdown rebuild house

This matter was slightly touched previously, but to put emphasis on it, here. You and your family will have less lifestyle adjustments and life changes with knockdown rebuild. 

Although you will need to stay somewhere else for a few months, you will come back there soon, after the new house is finished. Temporarily, you will have to move out because of course, your house will be wrecked; nevertheless, a brand new abode will meet you exactly right there! 

You will not need to adjust and meet new neighbors. Your kids will not cry over leaving their school and friends. Your go-to resources will stay the same. Life will just go on for you like it always does.

5 – Freely decide for your new home design.

knockdown rebuild property

Many homeowners are delighted by the fact that knockdown rebuild allows them to freely decide for their new home design. You can do that too!

Unlike buying an existing house, choosing knockdown rebuild gives the total control in your hands, particularly over the home design. Needless to say, expert custom home builders and interior designers will be highly required to help and enlighten you, but the final say will always be yours. 



There you have the amazing advantages of knockdown rebuild. Just because it is unfamiliar to your ears does not mean you should not give it a chance to serve you the best home building and home upgrade possibilities! 

Contact professional knockdown rebuild specialists and home builders to work with! Ask the right questions. Seek the right answers. Get ready to live in and enjoy your new house in your old place!  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes, a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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