5 Benefits of SPC Flooring Over Other Flooring 

SPC flooring
SPC flooring

5 Benefits of SPC Flooring Over Other Flooring

1. High Traffic Resistance

SPC flooring can withstand high-traffic areas with ease. Many of our clients report that their floors look the same as they did on the day of installation, even after years of wear and tear. Meanwhile, many lower-end flooring options are vulnerable to damage from constant traffic- including scratches, dents, scuffs, and gouges. Scratches are particularly likely if your home or business has pets!

Not only does that leave you with an aesthetically displeasing appearance, but also makes other potential customers question the quality of your other services or products. Whether it’s commercial or residential real estate properties, banks, doctor’s offices, churches, restaurants, dressing rooms in retail establishments, or any other venue where traffic is likely to occur, SPC flooring proves to be a great choice for your space.

2. Early Installation

While most types of flooring take time for installation, SPC floors can be installed early- as soon as you’re ready! It’s perfect for new homeowners and those on a tight schedule. Who wants to wait days, weeks, or even months before moving in? We don’t want to wait either! Our flooring team has extensive experience and know-how so we can install an average-sized room within hours! And if we encounter any difficulties with the installation process, we’ll let you know at once so that you can prepare yourself mentally for some construction noise while we get everything back on track.

3. Waterproof, Dirt Proof, and Mold Proof

You can’t go wrong with SPC flooring! Whether you have a swimming pool in the basement or a kid’s playroom, you won’t have to worry about water leaking through your floors! The best part is that our waterproof floor slabs are also resistant to mold growth so even if there’s something lurking in the dark crevices of your home or business, it will be oh-so-hard for that mold to grow when it faces the mightiness of SPC flooring materials! Or if you’re looking for something more professional, check out our selection of vinyl linoleum tile products. They are just as excellent at resisting water, dirt, and mold.

4. Easy to Clean

SPC flooring is extremely easy to clean! Compared to other materials- like carpet, tile, or wood- our products are much easier to maintain in terms of cleaning needs. All you have to do is sweep, mop with a damp cloth, let it dry…and your space is good to go! No need for professional cleaners because the shiny finish on all our tiles won’t easily be stained or discolored. Dirt just slides right off so you can keep your floors looking spotless without putting too much time into the process.

5. Superior Stain Resistance

SPC Flooring Dubai offers fantastic stain resistance, meaning that the colors and designs of your floors will stay bold and bright for years to come! You can choose from a variety of designs, including charcoal, forest green, scarlet red, blue, off-white, violet purple, kiwi green, deep maroon reds, gold yellow, ice white grey marble black gray granite vinyl tile oak hardwood knotty pine fiberglass ceramic slate bamboo parquet porcelain saltillo brick linoleum. And because each design has so many color variations to pick from, there’s a good chance you’ll find a look you love.


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