5 Ingenious Ways You Can Use Limestone Stones in Your Home

limestone paving stones

Limestone is a valuable stone chosen by designers and architects to add beauty to many magnificent buildings as well as beautiful homes around the globe.

There are endless reasons why you should choose limestone over any other stone in your home. It adds to the visual aesthetic of the home and offers many other advantages like they can last up to a lifetime and take a lot of wear and tear and look as good as new.

Limestone is an effective insulator and keeps the temperature of your home constant. It also adds value to your home by increasing the resale value.

Limestone can be a perfect choice for home indoors and outdoors as it is pretty affordable compared to other natural stones such as marble.

Ways to remodel your home using limestone stones

But are you bored of the same old limestone pairings and want to add a different look using limestone? Check out these five options below to add limestone to your home and remodel your home to your likings.

Limestone door surrounds:

History is evident what wonders limestone can do. If you look at the historical monuments built with limestone, we can see how each and every work is detailed, and every corner is given an element to beautify it.

If you are someone who wants their space to look nothing less than a unique piece of art, you can consider limestone door surrounds.

They are beautiful architectural designs that can be customised according to your style. If you want to add a contemporary European look to a modern one, you can always find varieties in limestone that can fulfil your personal choice.

To create a more detailed impression, you can incorporate different handcrafted designs like flowers or other patterns or anything you want it to be.

Limestone flooring:

You can find options for both interior and exterior flooring in limestone tiles. Whether you want limestone paving slabs for the bathroom, the patio, or the hallway, you can choose from the variety of textures and colours available that suit your style the best. To avoid slippery flooring, you can choose textured limestone paving slabs. To avoid any further wear and tear, regularly seal your floor.

Limestone walls:

There are multiple reasons why people’s precious stone was over fences. Stone walls are an elegant feature that can be pleasing to your eyes and are much more durable as compared to fences.

Look at the pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world, and you can estimate the durability of this stone.

Limestone paving stones can last centuries and are exceptionally strong and durable. People often misunderstand that limestone is expensive while it only costs as little as clay bricks and is way more affordable than other natural stones. You can incorporate limestone walls in your home in different forms.

You can install a limestone wall in your garden as a retaining wall or a privacy wall. You can add a walk-in shower in your home made of limestone paving slabs to add a luxe look to your bathroom.

Limestone stairs:

Wooden stairs and carpeted stairs are quite common amongst people these days, but if you wish to add a more spectacular look to your home, you can consider getting natural stone stairs. Natural stone stairs contribute to the beauty of your home and can also be installed to match the overall vibe of your home.

Natural stone is durable that can last longer than wooden staircases and is easy to maintain. While wood can degrade after some time, a limestone staircase won’t change even a bit. It does not require any time-consuming maintenance processes but can be easily maintained by regular sweeping and mopping.

Another huge advantage one can avail of by getting a limestone staircase is the fireproof and soundproof quality of the stone. While most of the wooden staircases are hollow, they make noises that can be annoying to many people, but that is not the case with a natural stone staircase, as it is the solid solution you can opt for.

In case of any fire, an emergency limestone staircase can provide a safe route to the ground floor, unlike wood that can easily catch fire.

Redesigning your existing home with limestone paving slabs:

Even though limestone is a durable material, if your limestone has lost its shine, you can consider refurbishing it at a low cost instead of getting another considerable investment in flooring or walls.

If you are a little tight on the budget and want to redesign your old limestone designs, you can redesign your existing limestone and give it a newer look. You can also consider adding different elements like a fireplace made of limestone paving stones or kitchen countertops for your home.


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