5 Key Design Steps For Commercial Bar

Key Design Steps For Commercial Bar

You must be looking for the best design ideas for your bar because surely that’s the reason you are here. There is no need to look anywhere else, as here, we will provide the ultimate key design steps for commercial bars. The bar-Café interior design should be dapper enough to impress the customers at the very first glance. And for that, you have to design the interior of your bar using different colors, patterns, combos, and styles.

How to Design a Commercial Bar

Following are the key steps to design the best commercial bar in town. Let’s get straight into the topic,


Designing the walls is the first key step to designing the best commercial bar. Choose some creative designs and patterns for the walls of your bar, just like a zigzag pattern or a hexagonal pattern using different shades and colors. Opt for an unusual mural for one of the bar walls for a more fantastic bar and cafe interior design. A dramatic yet classy wall mural can effortlessly change the entire look of the bar interior.

Bar Counter

The bar counter holds a significant role in a bar, and it has a whole bunch of things in it. These are the must-haves for designing a perfect bar counter,

Stools: Many stools around the bar counter are a must to provide comfortable seating to your customers. Use comfy and high-quality stools (with adjustable height feature) so that the stools will be perfect for every customer regardless of their heights.

A Chalkboard Menu: add a chalkboard menu for the must-haves of your bar. A chalkboard is a game-changer when it comes to a professional menu. Draw a few diagrams, patterns, creative borders, and a sarcastic quote on the chalkboard and change it whenever you get bored with it.

Lights: Choose a theme for the bar counter before you choose to light. For example, a neon theme will undoubtedly make a flawless bar counter. Install neon led strip lighting under the front shelves, bar counter, and on the roof of the bar counter.

Decorations: Give your bar counter a subtle but outclass decoration. Use the shelves on the front wall to showcase some stylish champagne glasses (flutes, tulips, and vintage-designed coupes glass). You can also make a tower of shot glasses or champagne tower as an eye-catcher for your customers.


Install colorful lights under the transparent dance floor and a 360 (DEGREE) magic lighting ball in the top center of the dance floor for a magical effect. Use different lighting in your bar, for example, dim lighting on the dance floor with colorful spotlights and brighter lights near the seating.


The seating area is an ideal spot for the customers to take pictures, so make sure to make it ideal by all means. Make sure the quality of the seats and tables is up to the mark of your bar. Supply each table with a ceramic flower vase or any decor piece and hang gold shade lights on the walls to give a warm and aesthetic feel to the place.


Locate the bar’s restrooms at some space from the seating and dance floor and use neon signs for the directions of the restrooms. Make sure to maintain hygiene in the restrooms and supply it with all hygiene products like toilet papers, hand wash, and hand sanitizers. One key step about restrooms that most bar owners don’t consider is to supply the restrooms with a couple of speakers. The speakers must play the same music as the speakers in the bar so that the customers won’t miss their favorite part of the song in case of any emergency.


These were the key steps for designing the Cafe interior design of a commercial bar. Use different lights and stylish furnishings and make sure all the products in your bar are of premium quality. Follow the steps mentioned above if you want your bar to be an ideal commercial bar for both your old and new customers. Exotic Interior Studio will help you create a cozy yet chic bar interior that will help to bring better business to your bar.


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