5 reasons your old home’s electrical wires need upgradation


Normally there are around 120 things in an old house that require replacement and upgrading. But since everything at once isn’t possible, you should give first preference to the electrical components of this place. If we believe the research rightly, around 63% of houses get damaged because of old and worn-out electrical systems. Well, that is why revamping the electricals becomes your first priority.

The urgency to change your old home’s wires

 You are definitely eager to know why you should go for replacing the wires in your old home urgently. But before that, do keep in mind that you require to call only the best electrician in west Auckland from First Home Services for this job. They have the most experienced and trained staff to help you out in various important matters of your house like electricity and plumbing, etc. And when they come, they’ll ensure that the wires are replaced perfectly without any glitches. To know about the need to go for this step immediately, read on:

  • To improve your safety

Your safety is important above everything else. The very first reason why you should change your old wires is that these are probably very much worn out right now. And if you aren’t changing them, you are vulnerable to shocks. So, in order to ensure that you and your family members are safe even in an old home, change the wires immediately.

  • Because you require more power

Apparently your house was built some 50 years ago. Well, the number of electrical appliances and switches you required then was pretty less compared to what your house needs now. And the old wires are probably not compatible enough to bear the load of the new appliances that you use presently. So, in order to get more power efficiency and convenience, you require upgrading your wires immediately.

  • For energy efficiency

Do you know that your old electrical system can be the biggest reason why you are getting high electrical bills? Well, yes if your wires are too old and even the sockets attached to them have seen better days, you will get an impractical rise in your utility bills. If you want to reduce this, then you should definitely go for a wire replacement immediately.

  • To prevent electrical fire

An electrical fire, no matter how small it is, has the power to destroy your entire house. And we are sure even though it is old, you love your house a lot. To save yourself and your house from this massive destruction, change your wires immediately.

  • Increase the price value of the house

You are thinking of selling your old house now. Well, imagine who is going to give you a good price for this place if the inspection result shows that the wires are totally battered and badly in need of a repair or replacement? So, replace them as soon as possible to increase the market value of your home.

 After providing all these practical reasons to replace your wires, we have a humble request to you — do not delay this step. It is for your own safety after all.


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