5 Rules To Make Your Room A Space You’ll Love To Go Home To


Life is composed of rules. Every ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ are made to keep everything in order. In interior design, they follow rules that serve as a guidebook in transforming a dull space into a pleasing one. Despite having guidebooks, there are a lot of design pros who suggest breaking the rules from time to time.

Aside from having a well-designed and balanced room – it’s equally important to have a space that you’ll love to go home to. Going home to a cosy and comfortable space to destress after a long day is the goal. But, with all the responsibilities around you, it can be hard to keep your room clean and organised at all times. 

Thankfully, there are rules that you can make for yourself. Rules that you should subscribe to help you keep your room as good as new. Even if you’re not an interior design professional like me, we can still make simple rules to maintain the spaces we love. 

If you’ve been wanting to turn your room into a space that you’ll love to go home to every day, this article can guide you. To start, here are five simple rules that you can work on. 


1st: Add an accent chair (regardless of the type of room that you’re designing)

One of the pieces of furniture that can instantly change the look of an entire room is chairs. If you take a look at the design plans of interior designers, they always make sure to have a chair — regardless of the type of room. Whether it is the dining area or the bedroom, there is always room for an accent chair. 

If your room feels empty, consider adding an accent chair. For example, if you have a work table in your room, but feel like it is lacking, try spicing it up with an accent chair. Or, if your dining area feels too stiff and crowded, you can go for a wishbone chair design to neutralise the room. 

Sleek Danish chair designs are perfect if you want to go for a minimalist yet elegant look. On the other hand, if you feel like the room lacks some character, try going for an accent armchair. Consider a striking colour too. A pop of colour can surely add some character to your room. 


2nd: Decorate your bare wall with paintings and picture frames

Just like accent chairs, wall decors provide an instant finish to a room. In hotels, wall art makes a room feel ‘homier’ for guests to stay in. Also, wall decors are great to complement and set a room’s theme. 

There are moments when you just can’t seem to decide on a room theme. Sometimes, all it takes is just one painting to help you decide on a theme. If you have a bare wall in your room, decorate it. Look for paintings that resonate with your interests. Or one that catches your attention right away.

If paintings are not your style, you can opt for picture frames instead. You can choose different frame sizes and choose the photos that you’d like to display. If the colours of your furniture are subtle and light, you can go for a bright-coloured frame. Then, you can have your pictures printed vividly.

On the other hand, if you want a clean and subtle wall decor, you can go for black frames, then have your photos printed in black and white for a minimalist aesthetic feel. 


3rd: Keep your clutter away and keep the things you always use within reach

One of the reasons why a room feels off and untidy right away is clutter. Often, we tend not to put things back in place. Instead, we just leave them where we feel like dropping them after using. 

Did you know that clutter contributes to feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression? A study in the U.S. was conducted and has proven that this is true. A cluttered environment does not promote well-being. Can you imagine going home after a tiring day, then the first thing that greets you is clutter?

I can, and I bet it’s hard to convince yourself to love the idea of coming home every day if that’s the case. So, if you have a lot of unfinished business with your clutter, it’s time to pack them up. Throw away all the things that you don’t use anymore. Then, keep the ones you need in a cabinet or drawer. 

The rule is, to keep the things that you use most within reach. Organise the rest and keep them out of sight. Try doing this rule today if you have any clutter around you. 


4th: Clean and dust off your room regularly. Never let dust sit around and pile up. 

The fourth rule is to clean your room regularly. If you have a tight schedule, set a day solely for cleaning. If a day is too much, maybe an hour or two will do. One of the reasons why it’s so hard to clean is because we often let dust and dirt sit around for as long as we can.

If a room is dusty, it automatically becomes a room that is uncomfortable to stay in. Also, it makes it harder to stay organised. Indeed, regular cleaning and staying organised go hand in hand. 

If you want your room to be a space where you can comfortably relax, clean it regularly. Dust it off weekly to prevent any dirt accumulation. Also, if you have allergies, this is a must to avoid any triggers from happening. 


5th: Make your bed and put things in place the moment you wake up and before leaving the house.

Lastly is to make your bed the moment you wake up. If you leave your bed as it is after waking up, it instantly invites clutter and untidiness. Also, if you won’t make your bed, it won’t feel inviting to rest once you get home. Instead, it will only look disorganised and unwelcoming.

The same goes for every other piece of furniture in your house. Arrange your dining chairs after use. Clean the dishes immediately and put them on their rack. Fix your living room and arrange your throw pillows accordingly. 

Remember, if you always put things back where they should be, it will be easier for you to maintain your house. Also, you’ll surely feel good and happy going home to your place if everything is in order and in the right place.


Make it a habit to live by these rules and see how it goes.

Start with the five rules I shared above and see how your room will turn out. Make it a habit to consistently follow these rules. Without any doubt, these will surely make you look forward to going home every single day regardless of whether you had a great or bad day. All it takes is your consistency and effort to follow these five simple rooms. 


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Where Saints Go U.K., an eclectic online furniture company that provides unique, beautiful, and quality pieces of furniture at affordable prices.


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