50 simple kitchens to inspire you in your home decor

50 simple kitchens to inspire you in your home decor

Many judge the simple as something unprepared. However, here, the simple can be very and well-crafted! And, by the way, the simple kitchen is a great example of this. Being one of the most frequented spaces in the house, this living area requires a functional decoration with all the basic elements, but without losing that charm.

Therefore, we have selected several simple kitchen decoration ideas for you to be inspired and apply in your corner to receive friends and family in an even more beautiful and comfortable space. Make good use of the available area, as well as complement the composition with what is really needed and turn the simple into the extraordinary! Check it out:

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1. Simple is trend!

2. Decorate only with the essentials

3. And look for functional equipment

4. Apply tiles or ceramic to the wall of your simple kitchen

5. That way, the space will be more beautiful

6. And colorful!

7. You can build a simple and cheap kitchen

8. Just be a little creative

9. And make good planning!

10. Speaking of which, opt for custom furniture

11. Which will make the best use of all the space

12. And free corners

13. The counter is a great ally when preparing meals

14. This simple kitchen is very modern and decorated!

15. Make room for all items and accessories

16. Thus, you will have a simple and well-organized kitchen

17. Add some color to the decor

18. Or wood

19. That will make your simple kitchen more charming

20. Natural

21. And with a slight rustic touch

22. Space demands comfort

23. To be able to cook and receive

24. Therefore, bet on objects and materials that give the feeling of being inviting

25. Beautiful simple and small kitchen

26. Shelves are wildcards in simple kitchen decor

27. Because they will help you when organizing small items

28. In addition to also giving a very beautiful appearance with the exposed adornments

29. How about revamping the furniture yourself and creating the decorations?

30. In addition to being a sustainable solution

31. It is a way of reusing materials

32. And save on decorations!

33. A little green will make everything lighter

34. Make your kitchen beautiful on a budget!

35. Position appliances in a functional way

36. And that does not interfere with the circulation of the environment

37. This simple kitchen is well decorated and beautiful

38. Colorful furniture will make your space more cheerful

39. And relaxed!

40. Charming simple kitchen with dark counter

41. Make sure you choose light fixtures for the kitchen

42. Isn’t it the cutest simple kitchen you’ve ever seen?

43. The simple and planned kitchen is very clean

44. Just like this other

45. The decor of this simple kitchen is uncluttered

46. ​​How about inserting pictures on the kitchen wall?

47. Black and white is a classic!

48. Simple is not synonymous with small

49. Optimize your corner!

50. Beautiful simple kitchen with island

An amazing but simple kitchen must be well planned. Through a good plan, research and references, you build a comfortable, beautiful and well decorated space as this place demands to be. After following us here, gather the ideas that you most identified with and start planning your dreamed simple kitchen that will get compliments from everyone who passes through it.


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