6 Easy steps to clean your fridge & make it new

6 easy steps to clean your fridge and make it new-One Point Services
6 easy steps to clean your fridge and make it new-One Point Services

Refrigerator may be the largest appliance in your beautiful kitchen but you don’t give enough time to clean it as you do with countertops and others. A clean fridge keeps food and vegetables fresher and saves  energy hence your money. You have to plan to clean your fridge after every 3 months. Cleaning this bulky appliance may be an intimidating task but there are 6 easy step by step solution to clean it and make new, easily.


  1. Turn off your Refrigerator
  • Your Refrigerator doesn’t require any specific temperature to clean but before cleaning the refrigerator unplugged it because it can save the electricity and can be safer when dusting the coils and cleaning the drip pan.


  1. Empty refrigerator
  • If you are planning to clean the outside of the refrigerator then don’t need to empty the refrigerator but if you are going to clean it from inside then take out everything from it.


  • When you pull out everything this is the best time to throw out the expired and not edible food. 


  • If your cleaning process is going to take more than 2 hour then keep your food in a cooler place.


  1. Clean the Removable fridge parts
  • Pulling out the removable fridge parts will give you better access to clean the fridge effectively .


  • Take out all the shelves and drawers and clean it with lukewarm water and regular dish soap. Use a new dish sponge or scrub pad to clean it.


  • Before putting them back please make sure your removable items are completely dry and the interior of the fridge is cleaned.


  1. Clean the interior area of the Refrigerator
  • You can use various kinds of cleaner to clean your fridge which is easily available in the market.


  • But nothing can be better than using vinegar and warm water. Make a cleaning solution of vinegar and lukewarm water into 1:3 then use this lotion with a new dish sponge to clean the interior parts of it as walls, non-removable shelves.


  • You can also use the baking soda which is also a better option. Just take the lukewarm water and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda your lotion is ready to use. Now apply the same cleaning method as mentioned in the vinegar solution.


  1. Clean the Exterior of the Refrigerator
  • Always use a cotton cloth and microfiber cloth to clean the fridge.


  • To clean the outer of the fridge use soapy lukewarm water or any cleaner which is available in the market. 


  • If you have a stainless steel refrigerator then use a stainless steel cleaner to clean the exterior part of it.


  • Clean its handle more carefully because this is the most common and dirtiest place.


  • Dry it with cotton or microfiber cloth. 


  • Leave the fridge open for some time to let it dry.


  1. Put back the trays and removable part
  • Before putting the trays and removable parts please make sure your all parts and fridge is totally dry.


  • Do special attention on the trays and baskets nooks and corners because they have a tendency to stay wet.


  • You have to ensure the temperature setting is always below 5 degrees Celsius and the  freezer must be below Zero degree Celsius.


Proper cleaning reduces your electricity bill and increases the lifespan of your fridge. It also keeps your vegetables and food fresh for a longer period. If still you face any issue with your fridge maintenance, you can call One Point Services for Expert fridge repair services in Bareilly anytime.

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