6 Things To Consider When Choosing a Garage Door Opener

garage door opener

The garage door opener is a vital part of your garage door system. It is responsible for opening and closing your garage door and must be reliable for convenience, safety, and security.

Before scheduling a garage door opener installation for your home, remember a few things when choosing this piece of machinery. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Drive System

The first thing to consider is the drive system of the garage door opener you need. There are three kinds of drive systems for openers, each with advantages.

  • Chain Drive

The chain-driven garage door opener is the most common type. It is durable and typically the most affordable. This drive system is ideal for aluminum garage doors, as well as heavy and older garage doors.

However, this opener drive style can be noisy. So, it’s not advisable if you have a bedroom or any sleeping area near or above your garage door.

  • Belt Drive

Belt drive openers are generally more expensive than chain drive openers but are also quieter. They are built with a reinforced lifting belt to ensure a less noisy operation. These openers are perfect for your home if your garage is near a bedroom or resting room.

  • Screw Drive

If you have a heavy and wide garage door, then a screw drive opener system will suit you. This type has long, threaded steel rods to lift a massive door. Besides, it operates smoothly and quietly since it has plastic-lined tracks to lessen noise.

2. Smart Features

Probably, one of the reasons you’re getting a garage door opener is for the convenience and security it offers. The latest technology can give you all of that and more. Check out these innovative features in garage door openers before you buy one:

  • Rolling Code – this technology makes your garage door more secure by generating a new code for each authentication.
  • Remote Control – this feature allows you to operate your home’s garage door from anywhere—your office or the supermarket.
  • Security Notifications – openers connected to the internet will notify you if you forgot to close your car’s entry door.
  • Voice Control – you can control your garage door through Alexa, Google, or Siri with this feature.
  • Home Automation – some smart door openers can trigger your smart devices–vacuum cleaner, heater, speakers–once it has detected that you have left or entered the house.

3. Safety Aspect

It would be best always to consider safety when choosing a garage door opener since a faulty one can cause injuries. Select only a trusted brand and pick a reliable contractor to install your unit. You can also look for openers with automatic reverse action sensors that pull back your door when something hits it while closing.

4. Garage Door Size and Weight

Be sure to select an opener that is powerful enough to handle your door. A heavy door will require a more powerful opener.

The horsepower of a garage door opener is essential because it will determine how much weight the opener can lift. You will need one with a higher horsepower if you have a heavy door.

Garage doors with lesser capacities may function for a while but will soon wear out. Your garage door replacement professional can advise you on which opener is suitable for your door.

5. Noise

A garage door’s opening and closing mechanism can make a lot of noise. If it bothers you, you should choose a quieter type of opener. Consult your contractor for advice on a device that suits your lifestyle.

6. Reliability

The garage door opener you should choose must be reliable for your convenience and safety. Some door openers can get interference from other signal-emitting appliances, such as radio equipment and LED lights. When it happens, it can be bothersome and unsafe. Choosing an opener model with a dual-frequency feature can help prevent it. Cost

The price of the garage door opener is also an important consideration. You want to ensure that you get an affordable one, but you also don’t want to sacrifice quality. Aside from that, it would be best to choose a door opener that fits your budget.

A garage door opener is a significant investment, so you should consider your options carefully. If you need a new one, it would be best to consult a professional contractor for garage door opener installation to help you find the perfect one.


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