6 Ways to Modernize Your Heritage House


If you already own an architectural masterpiece, or you simply wish to buy a stunning old-fashioned house in Australia, don’t immediately knock it down. There is some charm and glory connected with heritage houses, and to make their glory long-lasting, you should modernize them. Nowadays there is a plethora of amazing ways and ideas you can incorporate to make that heritage house look modern and sleek. By upscaling the house’s old flair, renovating a home with a rich heritage history can be utterly fanciful and rewarding. Opt to keep the distinctive character of a heritage house by implementing some of these modern features.



The key to modernizing a heritage house is blending history with contemporary features. As heritage homes are a real masterpiece, the easiest and probably the cheapest way to revive them are to uplift their character. This means you could only repaint the wooden door frames or other plates that are run-down. It would a real tragedy to completely demolish the house’s interior or exterior because that would destroy its uniqueness. Consider adapting the classic exterior to a more fashionable outlook by splashing a vibrant paint, adapting some old elements to serve its new purpose, and maybe adding a touch of trendy amenities but keeping the original features that made the heritage home look unique and sophisticated.


  • 2.  Update the roofing, windows, and masonry


If you want to have a sleek and updated heritage home, but retain its original vibe, you should inspect and change some of the vital elements. The roofing, windows, and some masonry are the pivotal point of a heritage house. If the roofing, for instance, is too damaged due to weather or if time took its toll, you had better restore and update it. Only make sure to contact the professionals for your heritage roofing restoration as that type of job requires expertise and special care. Also, call the specialist to check the windows, fireplaces, and chimneys. They act as a vital core of the house, and unless something is faulty or out-of-date, you could have long-lasting consequences.


  • 3. Rejuvenate the living essentials


Solicit the help of an expert building inspector to assess the construction aspects. Very often heritage houses are in poor condition and you may need to thoroughly rejuvenate them. Until you dwell upon the cosmetics apparel and interior, you might want to do crucial liveable modernization. Make sure that you hire experts to check whether there are any leakages, plumbing issues, termites, or any other unsafe areas. Install or upgrade utilities and other necessities like gas, cooling, heating, fire alarms, and internet connections. These seemingly mundane amenities are a must modern features, and to make the heritage house liveable, you need to rewire and install all the cutting-edge aspects.


  • 4. Make it sleek


To make the heritage house’s outlook more contemporary, you should insert cosmopolitan touch. Now you can both retain the essential look of the home’s history and tradition, and at the same time incorporate some sleek and modern finishing to make it stand out from the rest. Restore the terrace by installing an aluminum retractable shade sail, place dazzling draperies, create an open-plan kitchen or add a touch of vivid wall hues to spice up the dark cabinetry. Combine the minimalistic approach with the stunning vintage apparel by keeping, for instance, copper stars but placing modern marble tiles or resanding the old-fashioned hardwood floors and adding a juicy vibe to the seemingly old flair.


  • 5. Implement a unique style


Avoid having a tedious and too traditional appearance by mixing the modern-day style with a historic theme. One of the easiest ways to modernize a heritage house is to place fashionable furniture. Add a pink plush sofa, opt for a sophisticated marble dining table and lush chairs, place a lovely Ottoman, and have mesmerizing rugs. Mix styles, decades, patterns, and materials to make it highly genuine if you are confident enough. A lot of heritage homes mimic some historic period and you can similarly keep the French-style kitchen, but place British-inspired artwork. Don’t be afraid to contrast the original parts of the home with the new ones. The more you mix styles, the more unique will the house look.


  • 6. Create a perfect balance


Given the fact that it’s not advisable to completely alter the facade and original structure, you can always redecorate the rooms and keep the original structure. In order to adequately complement the house’s past and tradition, it’s perfectly acceptable to incorporate modern accent pieces in the bathroom and living room but retain the existing cabinetry. Find the harmonious medium of the old and the new. Restoring the old furniture is another idea, but then you can hang a modern flat TV. Go for new textiles in a more posh and vivid design that matches the old-style flair. By closely blending the old and the new, you will have a glorious modern house with everlasting history.


Modernizing a heritage home takes patience, diligence, and a little bit of creativity. With the help of experts, you could make your housing dreams come true.


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