7 Best Home Upgrade Ideas For Summer You Can Over Weekend


Summer season is the best way to upgrade your home and do the much-needed makeover. Usually, the summer home renovation needs an entire week and sometimes an entire month. In our busy lifestyle, no one has this much time for home renovation.

Therefore, most people are looking for some quick and simple home renovation ideas One of the most important upgrades for the summer season, maintenance of air conditioner or replacing old with a new one.

The latest technology air conditioning Sydney can help in making your home cool and comfortable. This home upgrade requires only one day. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss a few tips and tricks that will help in upgrading your house over a weekend.

1. Upgrade Outer Space

One coat of paint on the walls of your house can do wonders. Painting your house is a budget-friendly and simple way to give it a refreshing look. If you are on a tight budget, then you should consider DIY instead of calling a professional. It is recommended to select warm and inviting colors for your house.

2. Pay Attention To Landscape

Another good way to spruce up your home during the summer season is paying attention to the landscape. The visually appealing landscape can add a visual appeal to your property. The landscape is a central part of the house and it makes the first impression on the visitors. It is one of the best ways to kick start home renovation projects.

When you choose to DIY or take the help of a professional, it will not take more than one weekend to complete this project. If you have a good budget, then you should also consider renovating your walkway and fixing the outdoor lighting fixture.

3. Upgrade Windows

One of the surest summer home renovations to earn a return on investment is upgrading the windows. This approach not only offers energy efficiency but a high return on investment, as homeowners can generally receive a 100 percent ROI with window upgrades.

To maximize your ROI, install dual-pane windows. This will not only ensure street noise and inefficient air conditioning and heating are eliminated, but it will improve your home’s appearance. Depending on how many windows you want to replace, the costs of this summer home renovation will run approximately $600 – $5,000.

Tips: Although replacing your windows doesn’t require a permit, it will if you are cutting a hole into the wall to perform the job. Give a window professional a call first before commencing this home improvement.

4. Construct A Firepit

If you want to choose a simple home up-gradation project, then you should choose to construct a firepit. It will quickly and simply add a flare to your yard. If you want to quickly install a fire pit in your backyard, then you should consider the installation of salvaged/antique firepit; install a freestanding firepit; or constructing a simple one.

One of the simplest and budget-friendly ways for adding a fire pit in your backyard is using a concrete tree ring. This home upgrade project will not take more than a single weekend and also it is the perfect way to entertain your guests during the summer season.

5. Weekend Bathroom Improvements

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom without spending too much? Well, there are plenty of ways to improve the visual appeal of your bathroom and make it look attractive. The mini bathroom makeover does not need plenty of time or a big budget.

You can easily do a mini bathroom makeover by installing a new vanity top, new mirror, replacing the old shower, fixing the problems in cabinets, and many more. If you even consider replacing all the faucets and fixtures inside the bathroom, then it can be done in one weekend and does not require a big budget amount.

6. Kitchen Improvement Projects

The kitchen is one of the most important and most functional rooms of the house. Based on different upgrade types, this upgrade project can take more than a week. But here we are discussing these home improvement projects that do not take much time.

The granddaddy of home improvements is the kitchen. The mini-makeover for the kitchen does not take more time and also needs a small budget.

The mini kitchen makeover is comprised of installing rollouts in the kitchen. This kind of improvement will help in storing kitchenware efficiently. The rollouts will help in keeping kitchenware out of sight and finely tucked away. This home improvement project takes less time; approximately 15 minutes for installation per rollout.

7. Installation Of AC

Spending summer in hot and humid weather is very difficult. If you want to stay cool and comfortable for the entire year, then you should consider the installation of the latest technology ducted air conditioning Sydney. This latest technology air conditioner can keep our place cool without increasing the energy bills.


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