7 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Make Look Expensive


Decorating is something we all enjoy and love doing. Whether we need to move to a new place or are considering simply redesigning a room, it sure is a great way for you to express yourself through design and art. Every room is important, but the bedroom is something we hold the closest to our hearts and happens to be a place where we enjoy spending most of our time. Therefore decorating it comes with great precision, thought and dedication. 

While everyone may have a different style preference in mind and may have already captured the ideal look. Some of you might still be clueless as to how you would want your bedroom to look. A good idea to make a rough plot so you have some direction you can follow and refer back to. However, regardless of the design we choose, something we always try to achieve by looking at Pinterest and Instagram is to elevate the bedroom’s look to make it a lot more chic and expensive. How is that possible? Keep reading to find out as we go through 7 simple tips to upgrade your bedroom into looking more high-end without spending too much.

Small details make BIG a difference

duvet cover set

Little detail can do wonders. We’re literally talking about the smallest of details, for instance throwing in a fancy duvet cover set or layering up on those sheets- all of these tricks can help you make your room appear a lot fancier than it actually is. Pay close attention to the accessories in your room. Ask yourself; is my doorknob old fashioned? and what about my rug? When was the last time I changed those bedsheets?. These are all the details you need to pay close attention to as it ties up the entire look together, giving you a modern vibe at the end.

You can never go wrong with layering. Throwing in some fancy covers, a comforter, fluffy feather pillows and anything that will make your bed look luxurious. 

Opt for the minimalistic approach 

The less is more phrase may seem ironic when you are trying to look ‘expensive,’ but the truth is the more minimalistic you are, the more classy you can be with your style. Do not overstuff your bedroom with every fancy piece of artwork or furniture. Instead, prioritize them over other not-so-favourites and allow them to stand out and make a fierce impact. 

Throwing in the fanciest covers, or placing a fancy bed will not get you anywhere. While it may depend on preference entirely minimalistic is always about keeping it simple, neat and crisp. Remember not to overdo your bedroom, the last thing you would want is an uncomfortable bedroom with bully furniture. This will just shift focus from the pieces that you want should stand out. 

Choose neutral tones for your bedroom 

neutral tones for your bedroom 

Neutral tones are your best friend when you are trying to appear high end. While you could always go for big, bright colours or pastels as per your preference, a smart approach is to go neutral and minimal with the colours. From beiges and cool browns to white and grey, the colour palette for neutrals is a lot more diverse than you might think it is. Opt for the colours that prove the easiest for you to manage and keep up with. Don’t choose a colour you do not prefer or like or it will leave you uncomfortable. Once you have picked the right shade card or colour palette try to be consistent with it. Don’t break colour with some hefty items that stand out, instead try to follow the same theme. 

This depicts as if you had spent a lot of time picking each item carefully to match the rest of your room when in reality it is you being quite effortless. This is a clever yet easy trick to follow and can make a big difference in adding a modern, chic vibe to your bedroom.

Consider flooring carefully 

 flooring carefully 

Flooring is an essential part of the design, be careful with what you choose. Select a type of flooring that suits you, your lifestyle and your family habits. Whether it may be porcelain tiles, wooden planks or a luxurious carpet, choose your flooring wisely as it can be the make it or break it of your room. Opt for low-maintenance flooring that is comfortable for you even if you were to walk barefoot.

Play with the lighting 

Play with the lighting 

Lighting always makes a difference. When in doubt just play with the lighting to make your bedroom look a lot cooler than it already. You can choose between creating a dull romantic setting or a bright one, or even a mixture of both. Regardless, of what you choose ensure it matches your lifestyle. For instance, if you are a student who prefers studying in your room all the time, make sure the room is equipped with adequate lighting. Throw in a fancy chandelier, add some cool bulbs and play between cool or warm lighting, before selecting something that looks best. 

Mix and match

Mixing textures and playing around with them can be a great way to appear high-end. Even if you do not choose to place a carpet in your room, throwing in a rug can instantly elevate the look of your room and make it look more luxurious. 

Similarly, pay close attention to the drapes and curtains in your room. Try matching the fabric to your bedsheets and to other fabric-based accessories, you can also switch in between them for a more fun-loving, enchanting feel.



Lastly, we highly recommended you clean and declutter your room properly. Give away any unnecessary belongings and remove any pieces of furniture that is too hefty and unnecessary. The less cluttered your room is, the more clean and tidy it looks. Not to mention it adds to the spaciousness and luxuriousness of the room, so don’t forget to organize and declutter!

Use these simple tips and tricks to make your bedroom feel more expensive. However, remember to follow your own sense of style while you are it, as at the end of day being yourself is above all and never goes out of style.


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