7 Unbelievable Tools House Painters Use

residential house painters

Painters use a variety of tools in their trade. They need to be able to paint, sand and patch the surface they are working on. Some everyday painter’s tools include:

  • Brushes for applying paint.
  • Tarps for covering surfaces while painting.
  • Scrapers for removing old layers of paint from walls.

Painting a house is hard, but you can make it simple with the right tools. If you are looking for some new tips on painting your home using which tool, this blog post might help. Also, if you are looking for trusted painters to assist you, trust residential house painters in Canberra for the job. With several painting techniques, there must be one that will suite your need the best. This blog will cover all of the basics about what tools house painters use and how they can help you get the job done more efficiently.

  1. Paint Rollers come in different thicknesses. Thinner rollers are for smooth surfaces, where thicker ones will give you more texture on your paint. They are flock rollers, where the nap is made of cloth and are mostly for rough surfaces.
  2. Sandpaper: To sand out imperfections in surfaces before painting. painters use sandpaper with a grit of 100-150, which gives a nice smooth surface for the primer and paint to adhere
  3. Paint Trays: Paint trays are made out of metal, plastic, or fiberglass and holds about one quart of paint. A liner keeps your brush from coming into contact with the bottom of the tray. A roller handle has a depression in it to put your paintbrush into. A roller pan liner sits in the depression and keeps your paint off of your grip.
  4. Caulk Gun Caulking is used to fill cracks or holes that might be letting air inside your house, which will cause paint failure over time. A caulking gun allows you to run a bead of caulk all around window trims, door trims, baseboards, and other places where two pieces of wood touch each other.
  5. Painter’s tape is used to cover trim or windows that you don’t want to be painted. The tape is easy to remove without damaging the surface underneath. Painters use painter’s tape for several reasons:

Painters tape is a low tack tape, meaning it will remove cleanly from surfaces without leaving a residue.

It sticks well to most surfaces.

It removes easily after the painting process. 

  1. spackle: A spackle knife or putty knife fills holes and dings in walls. Painters use spackle for repairing drywall.
  2. drill: You will need a paintbrush and training to hold it for painting with a brush. Attachments such as nylon brushes and steel wool brushes are the best for applying different types of coatings.

Painting a house is not an easy task. You can use any techniques or tools to accomplish this difficult job by yourself. However, if you have the best set of painters to do the job for you, you may not have to worry even for a while. Brush Bar PTY Ltd may be the best example of one such service provider. Learn more about this Top-leading painting company through their website today.


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