9 Tricks to Make House Cleaning a Breeze


Have you ever wondered how some houses are always clean? You may think that they have lesser things than you. However, the truth is they know how to organize their things and keep their place clean. Knowing the tricks such people follow will allow you to save expenses on house cleaning in La Mesa. Above all, these tricks can increase the aesthetic quotient of your house. 

  1. Make space for everything

Find your closet and literally every corner of your house littered with things? Well, an easy solution is to find space for everything. Start by having a specific place for every item. Follow it up with setting up a box of things to donate. Do this each time you purchase something new. 

  1. Keep surfaces clean

Do you find it cumbersome to clean your kitchen counter and skip over it? Your countertop may be too crowded; lighten the load and clear the space. Avoid keeping your appliances on the countertop. This makes cleaning easier. 

  1. Delegate cleaning

Making a mess is a group effort, especially in a household of 2 or more people. Therefore, cleaning should be a group effort as well. You can ensure this happens by properly delegating each cleaning task to a house member. This practice can make kids more responsible as they grow older. 

  1. Do it now than later

Procrastination and putting things off for later out of laziness are the worst enemies of a clean house. People with eternally clean homes make sure to clean up after themselves on the go. This means not leaving behind takeaway boxes piled in a corner for days or letting clothes pile up on the floor. 

  1. Clever organizing and cleaning

Cleaning may seem like a boring chore. However, you can make it a fun activity when you are organizing things using colors or other patterns and by moving to the beat of a song. You can take this a step ahead by browsing through DIY organizing videos and using those clever ideas to organize your place. 

  1. Have a cleaning schedule

A secret that most people with clean homes have is a cleaning schedule. Things don’t clean themselves; you need to do it. If you find it difficult to do things daily, set aside one day in a week for each task. For instance, Monday can be your vacuum day, while Saturday or Sundays can be exclusively for laundry. Having a schedule and sticking to it will help you organize your life and your house easily.

  1. Clean the dishes

If you want a clean house, you can’t leave your dishes dirty. Doing so will only lead to failure in sticking to your cleaning schedule. Do yourself a favor and don’t let the dishes pile for later; clean them as you go. This will keep you motivated to clean.

  1. Form healthy habits

Forming healthy habits like taking the trash out daily or keeping outdoor shoes outside will keep your house clean and germ-free. These habits are the small things that build up to a clean house. So, this year, commit to following such healthy practices.

  1. Hire a professional

Finally, people with really clean homes hire professional help. Smart people know when they need pros for work. An advantage of hiring cleaners is that you will be more motivated to keep your place organized and clean to avoid embarrassment or a lousy job in exchange for your hard-earned money. 


Cleaning your house and organizing your things can seem like such a hassle. However, when you do it on the go instead of putting it off, even the biggest cleaning task seems more manageable. What matters the most, however, is knowing when it is time to let the pros take over to avoid messing things up.


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