A good way to gain weight and eugenics for pigs in pig farms!


Baking soda gain weight. Americans add baking soda to lysine-deficient pig feeds to make up for the lack of lysine. This method is conducive to the digestion and absorption of crude fiber, so that the pig grows more meat and gains weight quickly.


Copper element gain weight. In Japan, adding an appropriate amount of copper to the feed mixed with antibiotics can increase the daily weight gain of pigs by 6.7% , and increase the feed utilization rate by 2% to 5% . healthy growth.


Citric acid  for weight gain. The British added 30 grams of citric acid per kilogram of feed, which can increase the palatability of the feed, improve the digestibility and absorption of nutrients by pigs, improve the conversion rate of feed, and increase the daily weight gain of pigs from 189 grams to 216 grams. This method is most suitable for feeding weaned pigs weighing 5 to 10 kg.


Calcium formate  fattening. The Finns added 1.54 grams of calcium formate to the feed for the first few weeks after weaning , resulting in more than 12% increase in piglet growth rate , up to 4% feed conversion , and reduced piglet morbidity.


“Moving” fattening. Americans have found that changing the pens for fattening pigs can increase the appetite and increase the growth of pigs. It is not advisable to change the circle too often, it is appropriate to change it once a month, and the size and form of the circle should be basically the same. Do not arbitrarily swap or mix new pigs in each group of pigs, otherwise the pigs will feel uneasy and even bite each other.


High protein weight gain. From 2 weeks before sow farrowing, the British feed sows with high-protein feed containing more than 18% crude protein to the weaning period ; after weaning, they are fed with low-protein ordinary feed. This can not only significantly increase the birth weight and weaning weight of piglets, reduce the disease rate, but also shorten the farrowing cycle of sows and improve the conception rate and farrowing rate.


Vitamin C promotes eugenics. Germans add 1 to 4 grams of vitamin C to the boar’s feed every day to improve the quality of boar semen. In the United States, adding 1 gram of vitamins to the diet of sows one week before farrowing can greatly reduce piglet umbilical cord bleeding and piglet mortality.

Sow multiplication method. The Germans add 200 grams of vitamin E and 400 grams of carrots to the sows from the third day of weaning, and reduce the amount of these two additives by 50% when the sows are in heat, and feed them until 21 days after pregnancy . Using this feeding method can increase the number of sows litter by 21.9% , and the sows and piglets are physically strong, and the survival rate of piglets will also increase.



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