A Guide to Caring for Your Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne


Outdoor furniture in Melbourne is a necessary addition to any property, whether you have a spacious backyard, a poolside retreat or a quaint balcony. However, it’s important to know how to care for your outdoor furniture to ensure it remains in top condition throughout the year. This guide will cover some essential tips for maintaining and preserving your outdoor furniture.



Choose the Right Material


When it comes to outdoor furniture in Melbourne, choosing the right material matters. This is because different materials can have varying levels of durability and weather resistance.

Some popular materials for outdoor furniture include:

·        Aluminium – Lightweight, rust-resistant and low-maintenance.

·        Teak – Naturally durable and resistant to moisture and insects, with a beautiful aged appearance.

·        Wicker – Synthetic wicker is weather-resistant and easy to clean, while natural wicker generally requires more maintenance.

·        Cast iron – Heavy and durable, but requires more maintenance to prevent rust.


Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential to keep your outdoor furniture in good condition. Depending on the material, you can follow these general cleaning tips:

·        Wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth

·        Use a soft brush to remove debris from crevices or weave patterns

·        For stubborn stains or mildew, create a solution of water and mild detergent, apply it to the stained area and scrub gently with a soft brush

Remember to always adhere to the manufacturer’s care instructions for specific materials and finishes.



Protect Against the Elements


To protect your outdoor furniture from Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, consider investing in protective covers or moving your furniture indoors during severe conditions. Waterproof covers can safeguard your furniture from rain and sun damage and are an affordable solution. If you have portable or lightweight furniture, moving it to a sheltered area during heavy rain, strong winds or extreme heat can help to prolong its lifespan.



Cushion Care


It’s important to take proper care of your outdoor cushions as well. Most cushion covers can be removed and machine-washed on a gentle cycle. Air-drying the cushions, preferably in the shade, will prevent damage from direct sunlight. Store your cushions in a cool, dry place when not in use, as this will protect them from moisture damage and mildew.

Maintain & Repair


Regular maintenance of your outdoor furniture in Melbourne will save you the cost of replacing it prematurely. Tighten any loose screws, bolts or nuts to ensure stability. Give metal furniture a fresh coat of rust-resistant paint if you notice signs of corrosion. Sand and seal wooden furniture once a year to maintain its appearance and protection against the elements, and repair any rips or tears in fabric or cushions immediately to prevent further damage.

Store Furniture During the Off-Season


If you have the luxury of ample storage space, consider storing your outdoor furniture during the off-season. This will protect it from harsh winter conditions and any potential damage from falling branches or debris.



By following these simple care tips, you can keep your outdoor furniture in Melbourne looking great year-round and extend its lifespan, ensuring your furniture will remain a beautiful addition to your outdoor space for years to come.


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