A List of Plants that can Ensure our Wellbeing


Plants are the living creatures that help every other living creature to survive. Just like humans, plants evolve too. They change in terms of how they look and how they cooperate with the forces of nature. Plants are immensely tolerant and can face every situation. We, humans, feel so burdened with our work, our circumstances, or with our lives as a whole. Every action that a human being initiates is undertaken for his own benefit yet we complain about our lives being tough. On the other hand, our lovely fellow little creatures who provide us air to breathe, food to eat, and perform several other functions do it all without any complaint, without asserting any supremacy. It is due to this reason that plants are attributed to be the best among all the creatures on earth. Our lives revolve around plants. That is another reason for living them and ensuring their growth in abundance. We have come up with a list that may help you to buy plants online and surround yourself with these wonderful gifts of nature. Most of the plants mentioned in this list are easy to grow and can be placed both inside and outside your house or office.


A popular member of the Marantaceae family of the plant kingdom, calathea is mostly used for adding beauty to the inner aspects of your house. Place them anywhere, in the lobby, living room of your house, or even in a professional meeting room. These plants are good to have anywhere as they are traditionally known for being decorative plants. They grow in more than twenty different species. Also known as the prayer plant or the cathedral plant. It is known for reducing stress and other related problems. 


Those who spend most of their time in front of screens, whether a laptop, television or mobile phone. Pothos or the devil’s eye is a nice purchase. These plants can reduce the levels of irritation in the eyes and provide a soothing sensation. An interesting feature of this plant is that it can grow in water as well. Even if you did not place it in the soil, it might grow well if you keep the stem immersed in water. It removes harmful contents from the air and can grow well despite receiving a little exposure to the sun.


Also known as the lucky plant, crassula ovata is popular by the name of the jade plant. You can buy jade plants online to bring good fortunes to your house. The Jade plant is effective in removing acetone, benzene, and toluene from the air. These harmful chemicals get mixed with air after being emitted from nail paints and wall paints. The Jade plant is believed to be very helpful for curing insomnia. According to the believers of feng shui, jade must be placed in the east corner of the bedroom. Doing so will bless the house with positivity. 


The flowering plants of monstera deliciosa are better known as the Swiss-cheese plant. It becomes an eye-catcher at places where it is kept. Growth of this plant is relatively slow. Light requirements of the plant sum up to be around an average of seven to eight hours in a day. It is interesting to know that this plant produces fruits as well. Just like the plant, the fruit also takes a lot of time to mature and feel ripe. Leaves of the plant are often used to cure a person who gets bitten by a snake. 


This accounts to be one of the most popular indoor plants. It has many benefits and is readily available too. Snake plants are among the first picks of plant lovers. They are mostly purchased because of their ability to make the air clean for us to breathe. You must bring a snake plant to your house to cure any allergy-related air impurities. 

Did you get impressed with the interesting facts mentioned in the list? If yes, then do not waste your time sitting on your couch. Hurry up and visit the nearest plant nursery or get started with online shopping for indoor plants. You may purchase other essential items required for growing plants and taking care of them. You may get seasonal blooms and place them in your garden. These plants have numerous life-saving benefits and are available at affordable prices too. 


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