A list of productivity enhancing colours to blend in your workplace


They say love your occupation and you will feel as if you’re on a vacation every day. But what makes you love your work? Well, one of the features is a good ambience. That is the reason you should occasionally keep changing the interiors of your office space. Well, if you are considering this idea presently, then this post is obviously for you. It is actually a great idea to renovate your office or just colour it afresh so that it increases the productivity and creativity in the place and even gives you positive vibes while you are working over here.

Some cool colours to inculcate in your office décor for a productive ambience

Did you know that the taste of your dessert increases or decreases as per the colour of the dish that it is served in? Well, colours affect us so deeply. That is why experts recommend you to be surrounded by happy and chirpy colours so that it keeps you healthy and happy as well. Especially if it is a workplace, it is very important that the shades around you are positive and wonderful. Only then you will give your best and your work would progress rapidly. So, before you call the commercial painters in Auckland from Gib Profixing to adorn your office space with the help of their skilled resources, you should take a look at these shades which would be most suitable for a commercial space.

  • Blue

You would have seen lots of blue shades used in commercial centres. Don’t you ever wonder why? Well, because blue represents logic, intellectuality, efficiency, and enhanced communication.  So, basically, when you utilise this shade in your office, all these qualities are imbibed in your workers, and you tend to be more motivated in your work and it even improves your efficiency.

  • Red

Red is a dynamically strong and passionate colour. It represents strength and confidence. So, if you have a workplace where you require more of physical strength exertion from your workers (like a gym training centre), then red is the shade for your space.

  • Yellow

Yellow is charming and chirpy. But it also represents confidence, friendliness, optimism, creativity, and emotions.  So, when you inculcate yellow shade in your office, it actually increases the bond between your workers and makes them work in a really happy ambience. Ideally, it should be inculcated somewhere in your canteen or the common lobby of your workplace.

Green leads to balancing the behavioural patterns of your workers. It represents harmony, peacefulness, and nature. So, when you incorporate this shade in your office, this proves very refreshing for your workers and provides them with a pleasant retreat.

  • Orange

 Orange is just near to red in inducing a very positive behaviour in your workers. It is actually related to warmth and creativity – so, if you are adding some amount of orange shade in your office, it will lead to a very wonderful and creative ambience.

So far, these colours are amazing and beneficial if you are incorporating them in your workplace. Remember, avoid using shades like grey and purple which can have a really negative effect on your workers and their creativity and productivity as well. Just create a wonderful blend with all these shades listed above and have the most astounding workplace ever. 


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