A List of Things You Should Throw Away Before Moving to a New House


Moving can be really exhausting and expensive. It is definitely not easy to pack from scratch and transport it all to a new location to unpack it back again. You can imagine the amount of time, labor, and cost that goes in this process. But there are some steps to simplify this tough process. Like, getting rid of your surplus items from the house.

Some things you should definitely get rid of before packing for moving out

If you are ready to faint watching the amount of stuff you have to pack and move, then let us suggest something for which you’ll definitely bless us! While moving in Auckland, hire Auckland movers from Trust Movers who’ll deal with half of your house moving procedure (and consequently tension and stress!). And for the rest half, you can make your life easier by giving away these extra items in your house before starting the packing process.

  • Extra gadgets and appliances

 Is your old washing machine that was damaged and replaced by a new one still lying somewhere in your laundry room? Well, then it is time to get rid of it before you pack your stuff for moving. And similarly, you might have an extra juicer, toaster, beater, etc. See to it that all these unused gadgets and appliances are given away either for junk or thrown away before moving out.

  • Books you don’t intend to read again — Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t telling you to destroy your library. But there are sometimes some books that you don’t intend to read ever again. And you don’t even have somebody else in the house who is going to be interested in even glancing at them. Carrying such a book to your new house and packing and unpacking them is definitely a waste of time.
  • Mismatched dishes — When you already have your brand-new crockery and spare ones for the guests, then what is the use of keeping all those mismatched dishes?!
  • Shoes you don’t wear — You love shoes? Your collection proves that. But what about the ones that you don’t wear at all and don’t even intend to do so in the future? Don’t you think you should give them away to charity?
  • Clothes you don’t fit in — Do you think you are going to be a teenager again? Or are you going to fit in those pants that you bought around five years back and are simply outdated? So, what is the use of keeping them in your wardrobe when there is absolutely no place for the new stuff that you keep on buying?!
  • Magazines and papers — Just how many papers can anybody have in their homes? Well, we leave this question for you to answer. If you have your study full of papers or magazines and newspapers that are absolute of no use, you know what you have to do.

 Well, consider this only as a basic list. Apart from it, those toys that you enjoyed while you were a child but are still covering half of your cupboard, the empty bottles of your cleaning supplies, etc. should never go with you to your new home. Believe us, you will praise us each moment during your move for this wise advice.


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