Advantages Of SAINIK Over Other Plywood


Everyone loves to have double assurance in everything they buy. We love to find options that fit our prefered style or theme. But we also look for good quality. If not, it just becomes complicated later on. A lot of time, materials get damaged or do not turn out as you wanted them to.

Just like all other things, using high-quality materials for your furniture while designing your perfect home is important. Using low-quality plywood can result in weak furniture that also damages faster. It cannot endure a lot of weight and is affected easily by termites.

If you are looking for an answer to all of these issues, CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 is your best option. Durability, classy looks, and affordable prices are the qualities that make the SAINIK 710 stand out among all others.

How is it any different from other plywood options? If it is better, won’t it be expensive?

Well, read along to find all your answers. Compare any other plywood to SAINIK 710 based on these parameters, and see which is the best option!

The difference between other plywood options and SAINIK 710:

  • Effect of water on the integrity:

SAINIK 710 is BWP-grade plywood, which stands for Boiling Water Proof grade. It is best suited in areas like the kitchen or dining rooms where there is a constant need for water. Usually, if subjected to water constantly any other ply will deteriorate within a matter of a couple of hours.

However, SAINIK 710 is made specially to endure even boiling water. It does not deteriorate or rot due to water.

  • Damage caused by borer or termites:

The biggest issue with any furniture made of plywood is the fear of termites and borers destroying it. If not, there is the fear of other factors affecting the plywood.

The range of SAINIK 710 plywood is termite and borer-proof. Hence, it protects the plywood from being damaged on the outside while still keeping the structure and integrity of the wood intact.

  • Great durability and weight tolerance:

Low-quality plywood cannot tolerate a lot of weight. It will bend or break if a lot of weight is put on it. The SAINIK 710 is extremely durable and has an incredible weight tolerance.

  • Protection from climatic factors:

Usually, plywood furniture tends to swell or warp due to moisture in the air or sudden climatic changes. Yet, SAINIK 710 is built in a way that these factors do not cause any harm to its structure, shape, or strength. Making it the best option even in the monsoons.

  • Affordable price with excellent quality:

Any plywood which is made of good quality wood is usually expensive. And the ones that are cheap have less or no durability. Different cities have different prices of plywood depending on what city it is.

SAINIK 710  is an exception to this. We do not compromise on quality while still keeping the prices affordable for everyone.

Also, the price does not change with the region.

  • Warranty:

Most plywood providers that are available in the market do not give any warranty or guarantee of their products. On the other hand, SAINIK 710 comes with an 8-year warranty period!


It is clear that the SAINIK 710 is the best-in-class plywood. Everything from durability to price is of the best quality available. CenturyPly is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to plywood in the country.

The SAINIK 710 range is the most reliable plywood when it comes to your furniture setup, which takes a lot of time and effort. We value that and bring you the perfect solution.

Hence, rest assured and let SAINIK 710 take all the load off your shoulders and onto its strong back! Check out SAINIK 710 along with many other products at CenturyPly outlets or visit CenturyEshop.


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