All You Need to Do When Selecting a Professional Electrician for Your Project


When it comes to electrical work to be done in your home, you are bound to think of your television, gaming console, your pc, and air conditioner. Generally, you are not bound to think of anything else when it comes to calling in an electrician other than to repair the odd fuse or two. That’s about it, but you would be surprised to learn that nearly every home contains a complex electrical wiring system and one that you need to pay attention to and ensure that it is maintained in top working condition. And that’s why you need to call in a professional contractor, periodically to assess the electrical wiring. And here’s how you go about selecting one, from the yellow pages.

Registered electrician

When it comes to an electrician in north shore Auckland, the first thing that you need to find out is whether they are registered professionals. And choosing the first name you come across is a bad idea and here’s why. With a registered electrician, you can ensure that your electrical wiring is installed correctly and that there’s a chance of any mishap or accidents taking place. To put it in perspective, over 50,0000 homes are destroyed each year due to electrical fires, caused mostly by faulty wiring. And with a registered electrician, you can be sure that the contractor is a professional with adequate skills, knowledge and can handle any repair work efficiently. When it comes to registered electricians, you can rest easy, as their work is often assessed periodically and you can find out if they are indeed, as good as they claim to be.

Selecting the right electrician

Given the sheer number of electrical contractors in the market, it can be a tad hard just to select one or two, which is why you need to vet them. For starters, you may not want to restrict yourself to just one electrician but instead, shortlist to at least three and get the relevant quotes from them. Make sure that they all happen to be registered professionals, with licenses and adequate insurance. You would need to check and see if they have the insurance, as it can help protect you from any liability that may arise when working on site.

The pricing matters

Granted most homeowners would tend to think twice before hiring an expensive electrician, and there are a few simple things you can do to help simplify matters. For starters, provide each electrician shortlisted with a list of deliverables and your current requirements. Make sure that you list out what you require and what needs to be done. Once you have handed out the list to each of the three contractors, make sure that each applicant provides you with a final quote for the concerned project. This should enable you to decide on the right electrician and get your wiring sorted out at the earliest.

Questions to ask the electrician

Most homeowners tend to give this a miss, which is a huge mistake. Remember, you are the owner and you have all the rights to query the electrician. For starters, find out about their accreditation, along with any certification. You may also want to check up on their background and determine how long they have been a professional electrician. Above all, find out if they have the requisite license and insurance, all of which should help you select the right person. Just keep in mind that the longer you keep putting off repairs, the more expensive it would turn out to be.

This is how you go about selecting an electrician and why you need to take care.


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