All You Need to Know about Lead Inspections


Lead and all forms of lead fixtures are subject to a detailed inspection, due to the fact that most were built pre-1978. It is only after an inspection, that you would have a clue as to whether your residence has lead and if it does, in which case, all traces of lead have to be removed. 

This is the reason why you must go in for a comprehensive home inspection in Evanston, WY. Use these tips as they should clue you in.

  • Have a paint inspection done: This is a must, especially if you are planning to purchase an antique property or huge real estate. You need to have the assessors check the paint and see if they contain lead and other chemicals that are harmful. Do keep in mind that a paint inspection merely reviews the paint and tells you whether it contains lead or not. But it is a necessary step, in the right direction.
  • Get a risk assessment done: If you are especially planning to buy a property, in which case you require both the paint inspection and the risk assessment. The risk assessment part of the home inspection tells you whether there is any lead and dust particulates in the air and whether it poses a grave risk to humans. By assessing it right away, you should be able to get a better idea of how to deal with lead and dust. And one of the ways to deal with lead and dust is with a detailed home inspection in Evanston WY.
  • Being aware: It is essential that you’re aware of the immediate risk to one’s health, by breathing air laden with lead dust particulates. The fact that lead causes everything from Neurological conditions to lead poisoning should serve as a wake-up call. And that’s all the more reason to go in for a paint inspection.
  • Combination inspection and risk assessment: TThis option provides you with a very thorough examination of all types of paints, and helps you determine whether the paint in question possesses any lead and if it’s dangerous to humans at large. And you can then take a call on the soil, and any lead dust that you may encounter on the way. More to the inspection, it’s essential that you hire a certified professional who can verify the problem areas. After these have been vetted by a real professional, you can then take affirmative action.
  • Look out for damaged paint: It’s been a while since your home was built. Chances are there’s damage to the walls and the lead-based paint is either chipped or peeling off. Do keep an eye out for the same as it is dangerous. If you’re planning to sand and apply paint, choose the least area. 
  • Check the walls: Since you have lead paint on, it makes sense to check the walls for deteriorating paint, chipped paint, and even old paint. This is why it’s common sense to check walls regularly. More importantly, you need to ensure that there is no lead dust floating in the air.

These are the tips that you need to follow when it comes to dealing with old lead paint. More than that, you need to carry out a detailed home inspection at the earliest especially if you’re dealing with flaking or peeling paint. You would be strongly advised to get one soon. And keep in my d that it’s not a good idea to procrastinate the inspection as it is your health. Do pay attention and ensure that your health is not impacted in any way. Just make sure that you take affirmative action to deal with lead dust, sans any delay.


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