All You Need to Know About the Types of Electrical Services For Home

electrical service
electrical service

Simply defined, an electrical service refers to the service an electrician or an electrical company offers to their client, who can be either domestic or commercial. Companies that provide these services are particularly qualified to handle the requirements of the electrical job specific to homes, industrial and commercial clients.

Types of electrical services:

electrical service
electrical service

Electricity is an integral part of our lives, be it in a home or a business set-up.

  1. Domestic services:

Services are provided in private homes or households. They mainly involve the installation and repair of wiring, power outlets, circuits, and power meter.

  1. Commercial services:

Commercial services are availed by business owners and involve troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems such as computers, office equipment, power systems, and installation and up gradation of electrical circuit and distribution.

  1. Industrial services:

Industrial electrical service involves planning and designing permit drawings with safety compliance, facilitating new electrical service and distribution systems, and up gradation of lighting systems and controls.

Way different from repairing damage in the drywall or fixing a faulty door hinge, a home electrical system should not be taken as a DIY project and entrust to a professional electrician. Electrical systems can be dangerous and a major source of electrical fires as well as electrocution.

A licensed electrician can offer a host of home electrical service such as:

  1. Installation of ceiling fan:

Ceiling fans are considered an integral and versatile home fixture, especially in tropical climates and summer seasons, that can help give the air conditioner system a break. Simple it may appear. However, ceiling fan installation or replacement is not always easy, especially if the room is constructed without accommodating wiring for the purpose. Apart from installation and repair, electricians can also address issues such as slow blade movement or rattling or grinding noise by assessing the fan’s wiring.

  1. Outdoor lighting:

Well illuminated landscapes or outdoor premises add hugely to the aesthetic appeal and beautification of a home. Outdoor electrical jobs have their own set of challenges that can be addressed by a professional electrical service. While some homeowners may choose elevated or suspended lighting for their premises landscapes, whereas others require specific low-voltage transformers, amperage, buried or concealed cables.

  1. Wiring for modern appliances:

Often old properties do not have the circuits for meeting the electrical and amperage requirements of modern era appliances. Installation of large appliances like dryers, washers, ovens are more complex than just plug and play. Proper wiring and installing a dedicated circuit are a pre-requisite. An up gradation of the house electrical system needs to be done prior to the installation. Appliance wiring can be completed by installing a dedicated circuit which can protect you, your home, and your new appliance as well.

  1. Outlet installation and repair:

Plugs are an integral requirement in residential properties. Licensed electrical service is trained to create new multiple outlets or charging points for ease of access around the room for the electronic devices and lighting. Electricians can also install a range of dynamic outlet switches available in the market, such as timers, dimmers, and sensor or smart plugs for home automation.

Final Words

In most cases, professional electrical service is not sought until it is an issue that the client is experiencing. Homeowners should look out for faulty electrical system issues such as recurrent blown fuses, crackling noise from the fuse box, unusual heating of outlet and so on.

However, it is recommended to have the property inspected routinely as investing in periodic inspection can help detect problems in their early stage, which in turn helps reduce repair costs. Routine electrical maintenance reduces energy cost, protects the equipment, and improves home safety.


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