An Ultimate Guide On Installing Motorized Window Treatments

An Ultimate Guide On Installing Motorized Window Treatments

Earlier, we discussed the major benefits of motorized window treatments including enhanced security, functionality, and style. If you are now wondering how to decide whether the motorized shades in New York is the right fit for your home, this blog has got the answers.

At Stylish Window, we understand that any addition – new construction or renovation – is a challenging decision for every homeowner. To make things easier, you can browse through our website where we’ve outlined varied designs and installation processes to help you know exactly what it takes to install a custom shading solution.

How to install a motorized window treatment?

Initial consultation

Similar to most technological services, motorized window treatments are custom-made for every client. The first step toward installing the window treatments is a one-on-one meeting with the client to understand their preferences, ideas, and needs. We will help choose the model for each window and suggest which shades work best for your rooms. Some of the world-class window treatments include Venetian blinds, roller shades, and even sheer drapes in Manhattan. While choosing the type of window treatment, you should also consider the fabric, and pick a color, and style that blends with your unique style and function.

Now, it’s time to get some technical aspects of the installation process. Are you looking for shades and blinds battery-powered or hard-wired? We will discuss every single aspect of the motorized window treatment installation. You can choose from a wide range of elegant wall keypads, remote controls, sleek touchpads, and mobile apps.

Hardware installation

Once we are done with the planning and preferences of your motorized window treatments, we can get started. Our window treatment specialists will create the basic framework for your installation, which includes adding the necessary mounting brackets and cutting shade tubes to the right size. It is at this time that we also add a cabling foundation for a hard-wired solution.

Shade preparation

While our experts work on the installation part of the windows, our other officials will work on your custom shades. From cutting and sewing to designing each model according to the tube measurements, we prepare for a hassle-free setup. If required, we will also take care of the color matching to ensure shades match your home décor and interiors. This process may take about 4-6 weeks.

Shade installation

Once the shades get ready, we’ll revisit your house and install them to the appropriate tracks and tubes for effective handling. Since the challenging part is almost done, the installation will now become relatively quick and not invasive.

With the second half of the installation getting completed, it’s time to finalize your control programming and test it. We ensure you can manage each model individually or simultaneously from the control devices to choose from during the initial consultation. Our experts will assist you with the work operation.

In the end, you have a beautiful, intuitive, custom-made shading solution for your home.


Our best window treatment company in NYC offer solutions for the home that chooses privacy and security above anything. With motorized windows, you can automate the closing and opening time of the window panels to create an impression that the homeowners are at home, and prevent theft. Also, you get welcomed to a cool and relaxed home with motorized windows in summer. Pre-schedule the timing of opening and closing the panels to prevent harmful UV rays from entering the home while you are at the office or vacationing somewhere.

Browse through our range of products and motorized window treatments in Manhattan. Our experts ensure the best solutions are delivered at the best prices.

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