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Because this is not the Middle Ages. As long as they take the other side's capital, they will surrender! "Moscow is really important," Ji Ming said grumpily. Both for the Soviet Union and for us. It is very important in political, economic and military status. However, the most important thing for us now is how to maintain the supply lines of a large number of troops. It is not to boost the morale of one's own troops in order to occupy the capital of the other side. Soldiers are not welcome because we can feed and clothe the front line when we take Moscow. Although we have millions of troops, we can only supply 100 people now. Then the rest of the millions will go hungry. This is a very embarrassing thing. So I think if we continue to attack Moscow, we will suffer a great setback. A great setback? How big is this setback? Will it be like Napoleon in 1812? Hess raised his glass and poured a mouthful of wine into his mouth. Then he asked slowly. There is no possibility of this! Ji Ming opened his mouth slowly and said, "Because the situation now is very different from that of that year.". At that time, Napoleon's logistics supply did not rely on rear transportation at all, but on the spot predatory supply, which was more effective in Central and Eastern Europe. Less effective in the Russian region. In addition, another important point is that Napoleon has not found the main force of the Russian army. They fought only once in the Mtsensk region,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and since then the Russian army has been avoiding the edge of the French army. So when the big snow of 1812 came. The French army, whose supply lines had already collapsed, collapsed completely at the moment of the fire in Moscow. The Russian army, which had not suffered any losses, began to pursue,Sex Enhancement Powder, which led to the defeat of Napoleon's troops. As far as the current situation is concerned. Our situation and Napoleon are two completely different concepts. First of all, times have changed. Although, now our army's demand for supplies is even greater. But there has also been a big improvement in the way we deliver supplies. From trains to planes, cars and ships. There are various ways to meet the needs of our troops. So, as things stand. Although our troops have been facing the problem of shortage of supplies. But it is not a fatal link at once. Then there was the military might of the Soviets. Unlike Kutuzov. At the beginning of the battle, the Soviets put a large number of well-trained troops to fight against us, and then we destroyed them in an organized way. It can be said that the Soviets have lost 70% of their experienced soldiers. Although Stalin re-expanded the army. But their quality is not good enough. This situation will enable our troops to retreat with a great success rate in case of pursuit. It will cost the Soviets a lot to defeat us. So what happened to Napoleon won't happen to us. "Well said.". That's very good! Ji Ming's side had just finished, and a voice came out from the direction of the living room. Chapter 159 of the sixth book Updated: January 7, 2009 2:49:35 Words in this Chapter: 3073 Hearing the voice, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, Ji Ming immediately turned his head. Soon he saw several people appear at the door of the restaurant. Of course, Ji Ming also quickly saw the appearance of these people. Chief of Staff? What are you doing here? Ji Ming saw the deputy general leader of the SS coming at first sight. The former German chief of staff, now the chief of staff of the Waffen-SS, General Fritsch. After the events that led to his ouster, General Fritsch resigned as Chief of the General Staff and came to Jiming's SS as Chief of the General Staff, helping to train Waffen-SS soldiers and officers. When Ji Ming went to the battlefield, the chief of the general staff did not go to the battlefield with his boss, but continued to train soldiers. Ji Ming was very satisfied with turning a large number of soldiers without any combat experience into terrible soldiers. Of course, as William went to war more often, Fritsch took control of the entire domestic SS and Waffen-SS. To this. Rudolf, the national leader of the SS. So, for a time, Fritsch became the most powerful man in Germany. "Hehe.". William, why can't I come? Fritsch looked at Ji Ming with a smile on his face and then slapped him on the head. It was as if the man in front of him was not his boss but his grandson. After a few seconds, he added, "I was just outside, listening to your description of the future battlefield on the Eastern Front.". I feel very gratified. Now within the Wehrmacht, almost none of the commanders of the various army groups can grasp the war situation as steadily as you do. Even Heinz and your father-in-law Erich didn't see it clearly, and they still pushed their troops forward. (Manstein's troops, after seizing the important pass of the Crimean Peninsula, the Isthmus of Pelekop, did not listen to the orders of the German General Staff, but continued to attack Sevastopol.) They don't know that our flank has been completely exposed to the Russians. The Russians could wipe us out with the simplest of tactics. "Yes!" Just after Fritsch had said this, another guy standing next to him who had come in with him said. The man said slowly, "Indeed, as things stand, our Imperial forces are on the offensive.". But this state is very unstable. If our attack stops for various reasons. The result would be disastrous. "Oh?" After listening to this man's speech. Ji Ming immediately turned his head curiously, because he felt that what this guy said was very reasonable. Soon he found the man, a super fat man. Perhaps he saw Ji Ming's doubts at this time. Fromm immediately smiled and said to him,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "Wilhelm, this is the commander-in-chief of the German Home Army.". Chief of Army Reserve Training, General Fromm. 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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