Best Digital Marketing Certifications, 2022


Digital marketing is an interesting and exciting field. The industry is filled with talented individuals who keep improving their skills and knowledge through courses and certifications. Staying up to date with the latest trends is necessary to be successful in the digital marketing industry. Hiring managers also prefer candidates who keep abreast of the industry’s latest news, tactics, and trends.

The digital marketing industry is ever-evolving. If you are trying to enter it, you should try to get as many certifications as possible. Your resume’s lack of relevant skills will not get you anywhere in the industry. However, taking the latest certifications will help you learn about all the latest tools and techniques needed to excel in digital marketing.

There are thousands of digital marketing courses and certifications you can choose from. However, picking the best ones among these can be a daunting task. To help you out, we have made a list of the best digital marketing certifications you can enroll in to improve your skills and knowledge in the field. These certifications will also help you land a great job in digital marketing. Let’s get started!

1.Google Analytics IQ

Google is the ‘Big Brother’ in digital marketing. Everything in digital marketing revolves around Google. Therefore, it is necessary to learn everything you can through the parent institution itself. With the Google Analytics IQ Certification, you will learn everything about the metrics you need to measure the success of a digital marketing campaign. You will also be able to improve your digital marketing efforts. It is a great certification to show off on your resume, and you can complete it in 4-6 hours.

2.Google Ads

Again, you need to learn all the trade tricks circling Google to do your best in digital marketing. Google Ads is an important part of most marketing campaigns. It can easily make or break your marketing efforts. Google advertising is a great way to boost your ROI and get quick results for your digital marketing efforts.

Google Ads certification can help you understand the basics of Google Ads. In addition, you will learn about online advertising and how to set up and run your online marketing campaigns. You will also learn about the different ways to manage, measure, and optimize these campaigns to your benefit.

It is a free certification and takes only 4-6 hours to complete.

3.HubSpot Content Marketing

Content is king!

Your digital marketing campaigns and strategies cannot work unless you have amazing content to back them up. You must have relevant and high quality content on your web pages to stand out from your competitors. Proficient communication and writing skills are still the top priority for hiring managers when looking for candidates for digital marketing.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification is a great way to learn about content marketing. There are 12 categories in this certification that can help you learn everything about the latest techniques, tools, and best practices in the content marketing realm. In addition, with this certification, you will learn how to use the HubSpot marketing tool.

This certification is a must-have for you if you are an aspiring marketer. It is a free certification and can be completed in just 4 hours.

4.HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Learning about inbound marketing is essential to increase visitors to your website and draw in potential customers. There isn’t a better way to learn about inbound marketing than HubSpot. They are masters of inbound marketing, and getting this certification is a great way to learn the basics of inbound marketing.

This certification can teach you a lot about inbound marketing. There are seven modules to cover every topic, including but not limited to buyer’s journey, buyer personas, and much more.

You can enroll in this certification through the HubSpot Academy. It is a free certification and takes about 2.5 hours of your time.

5.Hootsuite Social Marketing

We can’t disregard the importance of social media marketing these days. However, if you want to learn the basics of social marketing, you can easily learn it through Hootsuite. It is the most popular platform for social media management, and you can learn from the best in the industry if you take this certification.

There are different levels of courses you can choose from, from introductory to advanced levels. It is a paid course, and different levels have a different payment structure. However, you can also start with Hootsuite’s free social media training course before enrolling in the paid certification.

You can take these important certifications to improve your digital marketing skills and knowledge. Keep reading such informative articles to learn more about the latest digital marketing solutions.

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Bethany Stevens is the head of the content marketing department at Appsocio  ar zone app. She is an experienced and skilled digital marketer heading a team of young professionals. Bethany completed her MBA in digital marketing a few years back and has since been working at some of the top digital marketing firms. In addition, she loves to write and sing. Bethany lives in New York with her husband.


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