Best Flooring Options for a Big Family


If you are a member of a large family, you are likely familiar with the wear and tear that all types of flooring have to endure. Nothing lasts forever, but there are some options to consider that are better able to take on the challenges that a big family places on flooring. As well, there are factors to consider that offer some benefits in terms of safety and hygiene, especially with little ones running around. Let’s explore the best flooring options for a big family.

Solid or Engineered Wood Planks

Not only is wood timeless and adds warmth to your home, but it is also pretty durable and can be refinished. Engineered wood planks are especially durable and aren’t prone to expansion and contraction like solid wood floorboards. Wood is non-toxic and is very easy to clean with a broom, vacuum, or dry/wet mop. While wood is a hard surface, it is somewhat forgiving when fragile items are dropped on it. If you want a classic look and a guaranteed return on investment, hardwood flooring is hard to pass up. Additionally, if you have elderly family members, wood tends to give a little more than other flooring and can be better for weak joints and sore limbs.


Cork is a plant-based flooring that is well-priced, sustainable, durable, and easy to maintain. It is available in planks or tiles. Cork flooring is mildew-resistant and available with an antimicrobial finish. This is great for kids to play on. It is also comfortable underfoot for adults who are prone to standing for any length of time. This would especially be a great option for a playroom or nursery.


Laminate flooring offers many advantages. It is an affordable option to solid wood with a similar look. Laminate has a protective scratch, dent, and stain-resistant surface layer. The core is either high-density fiberboard (HDF) or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). This is a good option if you need a quick, cheap flooring fix.


Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile flooring are extremely hygienic and strong. You can clean tiles easily with a water-based solution. If your family has pets and children, these this is major selling point. The surface will last a very long time, so if you’re looking for a long term solution, this is a great choice. Tile is also an excellent pick for kitchens and bathrooms because of how easily you can clean it and it is naturally water resistant.


There is really nothing like the soft feel of wall-to-wall carpeting. Cut and loop carpets are probably the best for big families as they are well constructed, damage resistant, and can be treated with stain fighters. Carpet is easy to vacuum. It does need to be deep cleaned a couple of times a year to remove any pollutants, allergens, and hidden dirt. Yet, it is very forgiving when it comes to falls and dropping fragile objects.

Resilient Flooring

This is a broad category. Resilient flooring includes vinyl, rubber, linseed, and a few other materials. As the name implies, resilient flooring is just as it sounds – resilient. The materials are forgiving, cleanable, and highly customizable with so many patterns and colors to choose from. If you choose tiles, they are easy to replace if one becomes damaged. Resilient flooring is ideal for playrooms, especially.

Large families can be hard on all flooring surfaces. Yet, there are so many good options to choose from that will best suit the needs of your family. Some flooring types are better than others for specific applications, so mix it up as necessary. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to speak to a flooring professional about your specific needs.


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