Best method for commercial carpet cleaning

method for commercial carpet cleaning

Do you know the best method for commercial carpet cleaning?

Carpets are always a nasty affair in commercial space. It requires more attention to detail and careful consideration of the type and nature of the rug fibers. Since they carry a complex network of related fibers of diverse nature. Methods should be aligned faultlessly to suit the particular carpet in place. When you hire an experienced, they’d deploy some of the best methods for commercial carpet cleaning which can help you with thorough updates and restorations. While there is no standard set of protocols that you can universally observe for all the carpets, there are still a few methods for you to simply try and see what offers the best results.

If you can’t afford trials and mistakes like these, you might as well simply go with a commercial cleaning expert who will have masterful solutions handy for you to try. Some of the carpet rug types contain shag, velvet, cable, Saxony, and frieze. The special finish of every carpet is because of the careful craftsmanship of any of these sorts of fibers. Retaining the life-like core of a carpet can only happen if you pay careful attention to your cleaning technique.

What methods do commercial cleaning services go with?

Years of experience and a unique flair for deploying practices that are up-to-the-mark are what experienced cleaners can bring your way. This owes to the diverse drive experience that they carry and brings to the table for you.

Here are a few must-know carpet cleaning procedures

1. Hot Water Extraction

This is one of the most commercial carpet cleaning techniques since it makes the entire job easier. The procedure involves hot water steam at high temperatures and pressure. Directed towards the deep interior of the rug fiber. In addition, a surface agent is also needed. Through the combination of all these, the bond between the mud particles within the deep interiors will begin to break apart and they can be cleaned off the surface along with the surface agent.

The method is also called wet cleaning and they’re better than any other following method that we examine here. For an expert like JBN Cleaning who is also innovative in terms of manpower and supplies, cleaning a carpet that fits inside a 2000 sq. ft. space only takes up about an hour. But the downside of this process is the drying time taken by the caret which might go on up to 4 hours. 

Always remember to use wet signage in these areas to control quick contamination.

Be it a small company or a part of a large business or even a residential space, providing that you stay clean, and give the right first appearance on the outside before they even step in is our commitment. We take special care in preserving all the safety aspects while we clean your carpet to avert any cataclysm or damage.

Don’t let your carpet go above reparable. Boost your employee productivity by improving the freshness of your overall atmosphere with us!

Some of the advantages of this method contain how the approach naturally acts as a disinfectant since germs cannot withstand such powers of temperature and pressure. In addition, rugs soiled to any extent can be given a transition over with this. The method also destroyed the need for utilizing harmful chemicals.

2. Dry Cleaning

One peculiar advantage that comes with commercial carpet cleaning using this method is that they’re useful for any type of rug and can handle any intensity of cleaner. The procedure is also somewhat inexpensive.

Here the surface agents that are curated specifically for dry cleaning purposes are used to the bottom side of the carpet. A rotary encounter that runs in a counterclockwise direction is used for the approach. The agents here are made up of bio-degradable pieces so you don’t have to rinse the carpet after washing. Even a soft rub with a microfiber material would just be enough.

Even if hot water extraction is effective, dry cleaning is also promising from an allocation point of view.

3. Bonneting

Bonneting typically involves heavy industry-grade tools which are deployed for commercial carpet cleaning services. Since the device can be programmed and channelized across extra ends to the end of the carpet, they are very real in the results they deliver. A rotary brush is used for the application of these effects on top of the surface. While they’re a viable choice for simple surface-level carpet cleaning, they only go with the termination of dust or grime particles on a character level.

We would highly recommend that you go for hot water extraction for processes and practices that are not time-sensitive. And for prompt quick cleans bonneting might be the right solution. Dry cleaning is what you deploy when you have to keep a crisp outlook of the carpet directly after cleaning.

4. Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning utilizes hot water extraction (HWE) and is also known as steam cleaning. The first step is involving a pre-conditioning shampoo for the carpet. This helps to soften soil and oil-based stains. The machine sprays a cleaning solvent onto the carpet and then sucks it back up along with all the dirt and allergens. This solution helps remove soil in-depth within the carpet fibers.

Steam cleaning devices can be truck-mounted or portative units. There are benefits to both of these processes. With a portable machine, there is the obvious benefit of being able to use it in smaller areas like condos or apartment buildings. Where the space of the truck-mounted hose is limited. Although, the power of the truck-mounted unit is an all-around better method of cleaning. And should be used whenever feasible for the best cleaning experience.

5. Extending the Life of Your Carpet

When extending the life of your carpet, you want to make sure to observe these steps:

  • Keep plans in place to remove most of the soil that is brought into your home or facility with extra focus placed on entries and high-traffic areas.
  • Remove debris daily by sweeping before it can damage the carpet fibers.
  • Perform spot reduction and interim cleaning regularly.
  • Conduct periodic restoring cleaning which can mean either dry or wet cleaning depending on the traffic that you have.

Most experts agree that a wet cleaning will be required at certain times during your carpet’s lifespan. Besides improper keeping, utilizing chemicals that are too harsh is a common way to harm your carpet. Make sure to follow the proper steps for maintaining and grooming your carpet to ensure that your carpet lasts a long time.

Be it any method you go for, the point of the routine depends on the responsibility that the cleaners offer you. You need someone who has vast knowledge in the area.

Our scope of work has steam cleaning, shampooing, stain removal, sanitization, disinfection, and carpet repair. We remain the commercial carpet cleaning in the field because of the dependability and the work satisfaction that we offer to our clients.

Always recognize that hiring a skill for one-off requirements is always a better choice compared to handling things in writing. You need a sufficient pool of resources who are trained to handle your exact demands and needs.

At JBN Cleaning, we have been doing this for over a decade now and we understand what counts in cleaning your carpets up-to-the set standards. Think carpet cleaning is expensive? Call us now and let us in on your needs. Our quotation might simply take you by wonder!


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