Best Online Exam Management Software in 2022


The online examination software is an IT solution used by universities, colleges, schools, and other examination bodies to conduct tests accurately. Also known as online test software, it is used to ensure paperless examinations easily. Educational and corporate sectors across the globe use assessments as a significant source to acquire in-depth knowledge of student learning and candidate skills. Seeing the increasing requirement of checks on such a vast scale, it is predicted that online exam software will become a definite future of exam management.

Moreover, the current COVID scenario has turned the tables, making the online source of assessments the request for the continuity of academics.


Benefits of using an online examination software


  • A better option for distance learning
  • Hassle-free assessments
  • Arouses student interest
  • Security
  • Environment-friendly and cost-effective solution
  • Instant evaluation for faster results
  • Exhaustive reports to identify gaps and work for the improvement
  • Automatic data backup to minimize downtime and improve efficiency
  • Greater accuracy
  • Smart Proctoring 


  • Think Exam

Think Exam is an Online Assessment and Examination Software to create online tests, assign tests, and design tests, and you can also sell your tests. The system is a highly interactive interface, advanced reporting system, splendid support, and is easy to learn and use.


  • Testinvite

Test Invite a secure exam software for recruiters and trainers with a high-security framework. The computer and browser of the candidate will be locked during the examination so that the candidate cannot open new tabs, apps, windows, etc., during the exam.



 ExamOnline is an AI-based remote proctoring software that is highly trusted and has also been used by the best companies in India. It is the safest software which is highly versatile and helps to conduct cheating-free exams.


  1. Speed exam

 SpeedExam is an online exam management system with best-in-class features and data security. Go ahead with your assessment, recruitment, selection, and certifications. Our system supports all your testing needs. 



EDUMAAT is an enhanced ERP that automates the education sector that starts from student admission to graduation. An educational institute is where the management, the students, the parents, and the faculty are identified as stakeholders.


  1. EasyLMS

EasyLMS is a well-developed Online Examination Software that ensures appropriate feedback and a rich learning experience for all the users. Supportive on all devices and endowed with the best customer relations support, it is highly apt for educational sectors.


  1. Conduct exam

Online examination software for creating the online exam and online test, web-based and computer-based exam software. Create online exams and tests using online exam software. This exam software is user-friendly and browser compatible with all the commonly used browsers. 


  1. 8. Ubi Aptitude

ubiAptitude is online testing software that is hassle free-convenient-immediate-accurate & amazingly affordable. It helps to find the best applicants in no time. Reduces wrong hiring up to a great extent. Improves your recruitment process.


  1. Eklavvya

Online Assessment Software like Eklavvya can help to prepare the environment and process to conduct an assessment of the candidate undergoing vocational training. Online Assessments can be made more secure with biometric level security with fingerprint attendance, invigilator password protection, and web camera monitoring. 


  1. Exams proctoring

Exams proctoring AI solution for remote exams and learning. Its proprietary algorithm analyzes online users’ behavior. Right from proctoring to knowing your users better, Exams have got a tech stack worth upgrading your services. 


  1. Digital University – MeritTrac

MeritTrac’s university management solutions encompass admissions processing, campus management, and examination management, helping universities and institutions digitize the direction of the establishments for efficient university administration.


12 Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is a software platform to create your online assessments with auto-generated personalized reports. It helps you turn your expertise into a tool that delivers customized advice at scale.


  1. 13. Just Exam

Just Exam is the Best Online Examination System and is received well by all. It is backed by a dedicated team and innovative tools to make assessment secure and worthy. With multilingual support of Indian languages, it can be used by many.


Let’s sum up 

Online learning and education have become the norm due to COVID-19. However, it may not be easy for schools, colleges, and educational institutes to transition to a fully digital education provider. The best exam software makes the transition smoother and helps you conduct online examinations while ensuring strict security and monitoring. So you can go through the above software and find the best one for you.


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