Best paint colours to enhance the glow of your sun kissed room


A house that is amply sun-kissed is a blessing in itself. Not everyone is as lucky as you are. But you have to make this blessing work wonders for your interiors. How? By choosing complementing paint colour for the walls of your room. That is why you have to be very careful when selecting the ideal paint shade for your rooms. Only then the natural light will brighten up space and provide a positive and magnificent ambience and aura to any room.

Some colour shades that look fabulous with natural light.

Though you get a plethora of options available when you search for the best paints for your home, getting a suitable colour for a sunny space remains a challenge. The shade should gleam along with the sunlight and enhance its presence by seamlessly being a part of it, not contradict it with its brightness and impact. So, we have listed some shades below which gel excellently well with natural light in any room and make your house appear brighter and happier. But remember, calling the best painters in Wellington from Kowhai Painters remains extremely important. They paint the walls perfectly with the shade you select and make the rooms appear wonderful.

  • Creams and off whites

We specifically think that creams and off white shades are the most suitable colours for a room where the sunlight enters the most. It is because when the gleaming rays of the sun fall on these walls, they tend to shimmer and shine together. The cream tone on the walls along with sun-rays exudes a slight orange or golden twinge in the room. This actually looks quite welcoming and positive in any space.

  • The blue family

Whether you are opting for a greenish-blue shade or the simple pastel family of blue, this shade has a natural tendency to blend well with the sunlight. It’s because the blue sky always complements well with the sunlight, you get a similar effect in your room when you paint walls in blue and invite the sunlight to enter the space.

  • Earthy shades of browns

The earthy tones brown (not the darker ones) have a fine way of embracing the natural light. The natural earthy tones gleam with sunlight and make your room glint and gleam in a glamorous way.

  • Blush pink family

The blushing family of pink consisting of light pink or pale pink or any soft shade of the same colour creates a wonderful fusion in any room when it gets illuminated by sunlight or natural light. If the brightness is too much, you’ll get a sparkling twinge in the pinkish shade itself. On a mellow day, it will make the room appear soft peach or orangish in colour which is again very beautiful.

Aren’t these shades lovely enough to adorn your room that has lots of sunlight flooding in? Well, we assume now that you’ll certainly have a gorgeous looking room with the right kind of paint complementing the natural light perfectly, your home shall bask in happy-positivity. 


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