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Planning to start an online business in 2022? Then, you are at the right place. Hence, starting an on-demand bottled water delivery business will be a profitable business nowadays.

To get more insights in developing your bottled water delivery app, just read the blog thoroughly.

After reading this blog, you will get to know,

  • How developing a bottled water delivery app is beneficial?
  • The working model of bottled water delivery app
  • Popular bottled water delivery apps in market
  • Features need to be considered
  • Revenue generating model
  • Perfect solution to launch your bottled water delivery app
  • How developing a bottled water delivery app is beneficial?

Let me explore the benefits of developing an bottled water delivery app with some statistics,

Few statistics to know,

The mobile app downloads reached 178 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach 258 billion by 2022.

Global market for bottled water is expected to reach US$307.6 billion by 2025.
The bottled water delivery industry was valued at USD 185 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 334 billion by 2023.

Workflow of on-demand bottled water delivery app

  1. Customers sign up for the app by using their mobile number and also email address.
  2. Customers search the nearby service provider and place the order
  3. After the customer placed the order, the service provider receives the request and also has the option to accept/decline the request
  4. Once the shop accepted the request, then the delivery partner will be notified and they can accept/decline the request
  5. Delivery partner reaches the shop to collect the order after accepting the request
  6. After collecting the order, the delivery partner reaches the customer’s exact location to deliver the order
  7. After the successful delivery, customers can share their valuable feedback as ratings.

1. Sparkletts:

Sparkletts is a Los Angeles based on-demand water delivery services founded in 1925 by Bruton N.Arnds, Bollinger, and Washburne. As per the report, sparkletts is generating revenue of nearly $26,936.

Sparkletts serves businesses located mostly in the Southwest and other service regions including Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and so on.

2. Culligan:

Culligan is one of the best water services in the US founded by Emmett Culligan in the year in 1936. It offers five types of services like spring, reverse osmosis, filter, demineralized, and also distilled.

As per the report, the annual revenue of Culligan is currently $241.1M per year.

3. DS services:

DS Services is a US-based water delivery services that offer water, tea, water, and filtration products. It provides six water dispensers and also many types of bottled waters are available. DS service is generating revenue of nearly $500 million.

Features need to be considered

Customers app:

1. Advanced search filters:

Customers can easily find their favorite items and service providers by applying filters based on their price, ratings, and so on.

2. Secure payment options:

Experience a smooth transaction process with the help of multi payment options available in the app.

3. Discount and offers:

Customers get discounts for their orders by applying promo codes. It helps increase user engagement and also sales.

4. Real-time tracking:

Customers can keep track of their orders with delivery partners’ exact location in real-time.

5. Push notifications:

Push notifications allow the customers to get timely updates regarding their order status & also discounts, special offer, and so on.

6. Reviews and ratings:

Customers share their feedback and opinion based on the services in the form of ratings and reviews.

Delivery partner app:

1. Status update:

The delivery partner has the option to change the status as online/offline. To receive the request, the status should be online.

2. Route optimization:

This feature allows the delivery partner to get the shortest path of the customer’s exact location. It helps in avoiding route confusion and also speed up the delivery time.

3. Document submission:

The delivery partner has to submit all the vehicle-related documents like insurance, license, and so on. Admin will verify and approve all the documents.

4. History:

The delivery partner can view all the orders in terms of past orders and on-going orders.

Service provider app:

1. Easy login:

Service providers can easily log in to the platform by using some necessary credentials.

2. Payout method:

They can add an ‘n’ number of payouts and can set any one of them as default. The amount will be directly transferred to the default payout method.

3. Manage orders:

The service provider can view all the orders in terms of current orders and previous orders. The current orders display all the ongoing orders and previous orders display all the completed orders so far.

4. Manage transactions:

The service provider can manage all the transactions done on the platform as completed transactions and future transactions.

Revenue generating model

Admin charges a certain amount of fee for every successful order placed in the app.

The fee will be fixed only by the admin.The particular amount of fee will be transferred to the service provider and delivery partner

Are you thinking of launching your profitable water delivery business?

If so, launching your profitable bottled water delivery business with the perfect script WooberlyEats – on demand bottled water delivery script.

WooberlyEats is a perfect solution that helps entrepreneurs to launch the bottled water delivery business within a short interval of time.

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In WooberlyEats, we use Google Maps and Flutter Location Plugin to get the user’s current location, routing, and live tracking. To increase the performance of the APIs, we use GraphQL technology.
Our WooberlyEats package comes with the eater app, driver app, a web panel for the restaurant owners, and an admin panel for the platform owners. Our WooberlyEats – UberEats clone solution gives a streamlined look which makes it easy to manage all the operations.

How WooberlyEats be the perfect solution for your bottled water delivery business?

WooberlyEats benefits you in many ways by offering,

  • Complete source code
  • Latest technologies
  • Topnotch features
  • Technical support
  • Better user experience


I hope now you have a clear cut understanding of starting your profitable bottled water delivery business with the right solution that meets your business needs and requirements. Discuss with our business experts to kickstart your online bottled water delivery business.

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