Can a Microwave Magnetron Be Repaired?

can a microwave magnetron be repaired-One Point Services
can a microwave magnetron be repaired-One Point Services

Either getting late for the office or coming home at the wee hours, your microwave always ensures you get hot food. Thanks to the microwave magnetron, it is essentially a high-powered vacuum tube that emits high-frequency waves, or microwaves, to heat any water present in the material being cooked, which is why some microwave plates become overheated. It is the heart of your microwave oven, without which your microwave is useless. Here is a list of common symptoms that indicates it’s time for you to search ‘Microwave repair service near me‘.


  • Making weird noises: Weird noises are different from what your microwave produces daily. Any microwave owner can easily distinguish between a regular sound and a weird one. For instance, loud humming, clicking or vibrating noise may indicate that the magnetron tube needs to be replaced.


  • No heating: If your microwave isn’t heating food, the magnetron in your appliance is most likely broken. However, there can be other reasons behind this issue such as a faulty diode, door switch and so on.


  • Not getting power on: Despite being plugged into the live socket, if your appliance refuses to start, probably there’s a problem with the door switches or the magnetron


Causes of Microwave Magnetron failures


Before discussing repair/ replacement procedures let us know the causes of Magnetron failure.


  • Burned Terminals

The insulator in the Magnetron helps to protect the entire Magnetron from direct voltage attack. However, any damage to it will cause the insulator to fail. This insulator breakdown causes the Magnetron terminal to burn. It worsens with each cooking cycle and leads to more severe burnout.


  • Damaged Magnets

This occurs as a result of damage to the Magnetron’s magnets. As a result, the magnetic field is reduced. Furthermore, magnet overheating damages them (magnets) in magnetrons. The overheating is caused by microwaves reflecting the Magnetron.


  • Lost Connection

This is the most common cause of Magnetron failure. This sloppy connection results in high heat resistance. This heat will burn out the other parts near the Magnetron, leaving black spots and burn marks on the damaged area.


  • Burned Antenna

In the microwave oven, we can see an antenna/dome of the Magnetron on the inside of the filament box. The reflection of the microwaves while cooking is what is causing it to deteriorate. These reflected microwaves cause damage to the microwave oven’s antenna/dome by preventing it from sending microwaves.


Microwave Magnetron failure confirmation


If the magnetron fails, the unit may blow a fuse, but all other functions may continue to function normally. To gain access to the magnetron, the cabinet must be removed. Disconnect the power and discharge the high voltage capacitor to avoid an electrical shock. The magnetron can then be located and the two wires connected to it disconnected. Test for continuity by connecting the multimeter leads to the magnetron terminals. It’s worth noting that only two-three ohms of resistance between these terminals are considered to be fine. If there is no continuity, get your magnetron replaced.

You can also check your Magnetron with this method. Set your ohmmeter’s resistance scale to its greatest value. Touch a magnetron terminal with one of the meter’s probes. Place the other probe against the magnetron’s metal housing. Take extra care not to contact the two probes at the same time. This could lead to an incorrect reading. This test should result in an infinity value, indicating an open circuit.

A faulty magnetron cannot be repaired; you always have to get it replaced by a reliable Microwave repair in Bareilly.  So, if it breaks or malfunctions, you must replace it or purchase a new microwave because microwave ovens can give dangerous electrical shocks even when unplugged. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to seek the help of a Microwave service in Bareilly by typing Microwave repair near me on google. However, if you stay in Bareilly just call One Point Services at 8400900581/ 8400900681. Also, you can book us by downloading our One Point App directly from the Google play store or reach us via our website to schedule an appointment.


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