Can I Change My Life by Listening to a Motivational Mentor Podcast?

Mentor Podcast with John Abbas

Many people believe that the mentor podcast is the most profound and influential media type. While the video is excellent, one of the best things about podcasts is that you don’t have to be sitting in one place gazing at a screen to benefit from them—you can exercise, clean your house, drive, shopping, work, or do anything else while podcasts are transforming your life in the background.

Undeniably, listening to mentor podcasts is the single habit that has the greatest impact on your personal development, income and career, and mindset.

If you want to grow your business, learn a new language, study philosophy, or simply become a more well-rounded and interesting person, you should listen to world class motivational mentor podcasts on a daily basis.

In fact, did you know that listening to podcasts can help improve your overall cognitive abilities as well as your mental health? According to some researchers, knowledge intake activates “reward circuits,” which produce dopamine throughout the brain. The brain’s reward system is linked to the parts of the brain that control behavior and memory. This happy hormone lifts your spirits and activates the reward centers of your brain.

In fact, listening to motivational stories (which are comparable to podcasts) actually engaged several brain areas. Keep reading to learn why you should listen to the motivational mentor podcast and how you can start reaping the rewards right away!

You Can Listen to a Motivational Mentor Podcast Anywhere

Mentor podcasts are often free, and you can listen to them whenever and anywhere you want! You won’t be able to watch Netflix or play video games while driving or cycling, and you won’t be able to do either while grocery shopping. On the other hand, you can easily listen to Mentor podcasts if you just have a listening device and some earbuds with you. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, on the road, in the car, in a café, or anywhere else. It’s pretty simple to put on your earbuds and listen to a new episode of your favorite mentor podcast.

Mentor Podcasts are Conversations Instead of Stories

Unlike audiobooks, most podcast episodes feature two or more people talking to each other. It’s essentially a two-way street, with its advantages over the typical single narration seen in books or on tape. Yes, a conversation often feels more natural than simply listening to someone tell a story.

A podcast is much less structured than a book and much more unpredictable. You are more likely to go on intriguing tangents, such as building on what others have said, and so on. The text flows more naturally, making it more relatable and stimulating many exciting thought processes in you.

Listen to the Motivational Mentor Podcast for Life-Changing Advice

Mentorship has a profound effect on your mind and activates it, so listening to motivational mentor audio can help you stimulate your mind during these difficult times. This eventually allows the brain to release oxytocin, often referred to as the “love hormone,” a pituitary gland-secreted chemical associated with empathy, hope, and the formation of meaningful connections. Oxytocin has been shown in research to reduce anxiety and stress. Soothing tones boost focus and productivity, making motivating mentor podcasts excellent for relaxation.

They are Perfect for Performing Daily Duties

In our daily lives, driving to work or cleaning the house are two instances of acts that do not require much thought. Even if you’re doing the dishes or setting the table in real life, motivational mentor podcasts are a terrific way to pass the time, especially during pointless activities, by broadcasting engaging conversations over the airwaves. You can also listen to it while exercising or doing household chores.

Discover Everything About a Niche Market, an Industry, and More…

Indeed, podcasts are not only entertaining, but they also provide a wealth of information and wisdom. Podcasts about productivity and technology educate you about various disciplines of study and job options. The Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas is a good example of this and is available on Apple Podcasts, Tune IN, and Stitcher. They’ve covered almost every topic you can think of, and it might even interest you.

When there are so many topics and things to choose from on a podcast, the learning never stops. The more you study, the greater your desire to learn more. There’s a podcast for everything, whether you want to learn about the entertainment industry, science, and technology, inspirational stories, lifestyle advice, or anything else.

The Podcast Features The World’s Smartest People In Your Living Room—Plus Your Car, Gym And Shower!

Your ears are filled with intelligent discussion and your mind is challenged every day while brushing your teeth, cleaning dishes, doing office work, and taking evening walks (well, probably not every day…).

Listening to mentor podcasts is like sitting in a room and quietly listening to your heroes is a normal conversation. For the first time, you hear their private thoughts pouring out, as if you were in the room with them.

Because the written words have already been edited and polished, you can’t get it just by reading a book or blog post.

You’ve Learned a Lot About Business, Science, and Philosophy Thanks to the Motivational Mentor Podcast.

Surely, you’ve experienced the equivalent of sitting through years of college classes by listening to thousands of hours of a talk by experts in these fields.

And the best thing is this: it’s entirely free and requires no more time from your schedule. Yes, the mentor podcasts can be listened to while working, driving, or exercising, all activities you might be doing anyway.

Motivational Mentor Podcasts Help You Continually Grow and Develop as a Person!

The concepts you are exposed to every day through your headphones make you question your assumptions, possibly change your opinion, and refine your mindset.

Your company is most likely years ahead of where it would be if you were to figure everything out on your own. Instead, you can learn by being a proverbial fly on the wall as podcasters who have already had their share of successes and disappointments discuss what they know.

Of course, you might not recall every motivational mentor podcast episode you’ve listened to, but the education and inspiration you’ve received through your headphones has helped you build a successful business and travel the world, and mentor podcasts continue to affect your ideas and objectives on a daily basis.

mentor podcast with john abbas

How to start listening to The Best Mentor Podcast With John Abbas?

If you have an iPhone, you already have the Podcasts app installed. Open it up and subscribe to some podcasts. To get a little fancier savvier, we recommend The Mentor Nation Podcast (Free).

If you have an Android phone, check out the Mentor Nation Podcast app (it’s free, moreover there are some free podcast apps in the Google Play store).

World Class Motivational Mentor Podcast you’re listening to…

This list constantly evolves, but here’s a smattering of what you’re listening to right now. Search for the title of each show in your podcast app of choice to start listening.

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