Can I DIY or Should I Hire a Pro?


Home improvement programs make it appear like it is not hard at all.

They only talk about shiplap, barn doors, bamboo floors, and more shiplap.

As for the kitchen cabinets that have not been stylish since before disco died, who would not want to take a sledgehammer to them?

But before you get to the lumberyard, take a big breath. Sometimes, it is best to leave particular tasks to the experts, while amateurs can perform others.

How do you know when it is time to bring in the professionals?

No matter what kind of project you are working on, this short but handy chart may help you make an informed decision.

1.Is permission necessary?
•Yes (go pro)
•No (continue)
2.Can you complete the work in a safe manner?
•Yes (continue)
•No (go pro)
3.How critical is the project cost?
•Money is not a problem for me (got o question 3a)
•I must do everything I can to save money (go to question 4)
3a. Do you have enough free time to do the job yourself?
•Yes (go to question 4)
•No (go pro)
4.Do you have the necessary abilities?
•Yes (DIY)
•No (go pro)

The Benefits of Do-It-Yourself

It does not take a lot of experience to improve the value and usability of your property by undertaking simple tasks such as painting or remodeling. You can probably find step-by-step instructions on installing window replacements or replacing a bathroom faucet. You only have to check some of the many home improvement-related videos on social media.

However, before you jump in, the best course of action is to ask yourself:

“What is the worst thing that can happen?”

If you answer something like:

“This ceiling fan will require several tries to level,” or “That curtain rod is uneven.”

Don’t worry about it! You can do the job by yourself.

But, sometimes, doing something wrong will imply the help of professionals.

Faulty wiring or a broken pipe might cause extensive damage to your drywall, rugs, and flooring. So, it is best to call in the experts immediately.

Hiring a Professional Makes Sense

Licensed plumbers and electricians have to go through extensive schooling, apprenticeships, and testing before they can work in the field.

They know how to navigate the permit procedure and have the labor force and the equipment necessary to accomplish difficult assignments. Besides, if something goes wrong, they should be covered by insurance. By the way, be sure of this ladder factor before hiring!

It is very likely that roofers have more experience working on rooftops than you have.

However, it is worth noting that if the worst case-situation involves an emergency room visit and an extended recuperation; you are better off hiring a professional.
In certain cases, hiring a professional is a better option than trying to accomplish a project on your own.

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Frequently, home projects are both filthy and time-consuming. Moreover, you may have to buy tools you won’t use again. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t feel guilty about seeking the help of others. Instead, you may dedicate more time to activities you find more pleasurable.

You may be able to use the equity in your house to support a remodeling or extension project. Get in touch with us so we can crunch the figures together!

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