Can’t Decide Where To Add More Space? 6 Reasons Why You Should Have A Kitchen Extension

kitchen extension

Whether you’ve been living in your current home not long enough or for a long time, it’s always a great idea to have home extensions. And if you’re thinking about which part of the house should be extended, you can work with the kitchen first.

Kitchen or home extensions are popular property improvements. They are used to create enough space based on the needs of the family. It’s even more critical if you have a growing family or some relatives will spend their Summer vacation at your house.


But if you still don’t get why the kitchen should be a priority for home extensions, then you should check the list below!

1. Add more space

Did you know that you can add more space to your home without having to compromise your garden? A simple kitchen extension will give you enough space to work on the dining and cooking areas. Moreover, you’ll be able to arrange your things in a more organised way.

If you’re looking for home extension ideas, you can visit display homes or even ask your family and friends that had the same situation. Meanwhile, you can also look online while you’re still in the planning process.

Another good thing about having a kitchen extension is that you can achieve the kitchen island that you’ve been dreaming of. Additionally, you can even include a bar if you like hosting parties and get-togethers.

2. Add value to your property

Home extensions can greatly add value to your property. Whether you’re having a kitchen or bedroom extension, it’s going to be a good investment. In terms of a kitchen extension, it won’t be an issue when it comes to maintenance since it’s just an extra space you can use for eating and cooking.

If your main goal for having home extensions is to increase in value, you should plan it carefully and successfully. But of course, you should still consider how helpful it is to your family.

On the other hand, if you think you’ll be living in your house forever, then it’s still nice to know the value you’ll gain from this project. Besides, not everything’s set in stone so it’s better to be informed in case there’s a change of plans in the future.

kitchen extension

3. You love cooking

Do you love to cook? Even if you just like to eat, and other members of the family enjoy cooking, it’ll be best to give them more space to practise their specialties.

But whether it’s them or you, cooking in a wide space is a great idea to help make every meal special. In addition, imagine having a kitchen that looks like those you can see in cooking shows. Would you ever want to order a take-out?

So instead of mulling over whether you would like to have a kitchen extension or not, it’s best if you start working on the plan.

4. You can incorporate the outside world into your home

When you’re having coffee or tea in the morning, do you have the habit of looking outside and enjoying the view? If yes, then while you’re busy planning the design of your kitchen extension, you can also include some glass windows and doors.

However, if you’re not a fan of glass walls, you can also consider having a skylight. It’s easier and smaller than the entire wall being made of glass. Just to be sure, you can look for inspiration online to avoid any confusion. Better yet, visit display homes that have the same style.

If you consider it, then your mornings will be filled with nature appreciation and good vibes.

kitchen extension

5. New style

Have you ever tried entering a house or kitchen where it looks light and comforting? You can achieve that feeling every day when you design your kitchen extension in a modern way. Of course, you’ll still need to consider the design of the rest of the house, but you can adjust it the way you like.

If you have enough room for the extension, there’s nothing to worry about the design. You can do whatever you like as long as you’ll achieve your target budget.

It’s time to forget about the plain and simple kitchen you currently have and look for the best design that suits your style.

6. You use it more often

Your family deserves an area where you can hang out every day. Since the kitchen is usually located next to the dining area, both rooms will get bigger even if only one is extended.

However, it’s your choice if you’ll end up having a bigger kitchen or dining area once the extension is done. Furthermore, it also depends on the number of family members.

And even if you’re not a fan of cooking, you’ll still need to store food in the kitchen. So the bigger the kitchen, the more food you can store. Just don’t forget about the appliances and other furniture in your plan.


Are you still having doubts about having kitchen and home extensions? If not, then don’t forget to share with us your dream extension by leaving us a comment!


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