Cavity Sliding Doors | Different Types of Cavity Sliding Doors

cavity sliding door

Cave sliding doors are a speciality door design in which a sliding door is housed inside of a cavity. This innovative design saves critical floor space while also making entrance to the room substantially simpler than with other kinds of doors. With a cavity sliding door system in your home or business facility, you will be able to use as much as 0.65m2 per room more than you would be able to with ordinary hinged swinging doors.

Whether you live in a moderately sized house, a standard-sized apartment, or a contemporary compact city apartment, a bespoke hollow sliding door system may be the ideal option for enclosing a bedroom, an office, or a leisure area in your home or business.

It is possible to acquire a cavity sliding door together with an installation kit, which can be used for either your own DIY installation or for the installation of a more skilled friend or maintenance person. These kits are intended for usage across the whole country of Australia. They provide installations ranging in width from 76 mm to 160 mm or more to guarantee that all common Australian door widths and stud wall mountings may be accommodated.

Door designs are entirely up to you, and if you choose for a beautiful glazed door design, the door may be set either flush with the door jambs and architrave or projecting from the jambs and architrave so that the stunning glass is seen.

There are different types of cavity sliding doors

These hollow sliding door units are made of metal, and they may be customised to fit in with or draw attention away from the other doors in your home, business, or exhibition space. If you like, you may choose from a large selection of sliding doors that are available in a choice of stunning natural wood or aluminium finishes.

A half slide door, which is a half hinged single door that both slides and hinges, may be used to improve the design of a space while also complementing with other visually attractive doors in your house or place of business. As an added bonus, these half slide installations are an excellent choice for placing doors in areas where there is insufficient wall space to accommodate a regular unit, such as a tiny bathroom or utility room.


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