CenturyLaminates Are Shiny Than Anything Else


Laminates come in all forms and factors, with hundreds of colour options, just as many designs and patterns, and can cater to any aesthetic style that might be required of it. Laminates are a premium tool for any designer attempting to create the perfect home and it is a tool for designers to cater to specific and unique interests.

If you are making and designing your own home, and you are familiar with what you seek out of the homes, laminates can be a tool to bring that vision to life and turn it into a reality at a fraction of the price.

There are so many options in the world of laminates that to feel overwhelmed would be the normal reaction. One of the many options is the glossy, and shiny laminates. This is a specific type of laminate that is made available regardless of the colour palette and is found in all designs.

The only real difference is the gloss and shine that they have but this small element can have a world of difference in the aesthetic they provide to a home. These Gloss laminates can suit your needs, as they have a large variety of applications and benefits.

The advantages of using Premium High Gloss – CenturyLaminates –  Lucida are the following:

Easy to Maintain

The shiny and posh look of the smooth laminates can make one feel as though maintaining them would take up a majority of the time, however, this could not be further from the reality. The glossy variations of laminates can be wiped in a matter of seconds, and due to their texture-less nature, they tend to repel liquids from spills and prevent stains from happening. They are so glossy and are covered by a protective layer so they are not impacted by these liquids at all. There are no crevices for the dust to hide in, making them easy to clean.

These gloss options are a great and safe way to modify your home, as it is the most hygienic option. These can be found in kitchens most prominently, as a part of the countertops. Their sheen is a great aesthetic choice for kitchens and can make the space significantly better looking.

Their resistance to liquids and easy-to-clean nature also is a perfect fit for the kitchen space which regularly witnesses spills, fingerprints, grease marks, and smudges from all the various elements which are easily resisted and cleaned. Being a stylish and easy-to-manage option is why these high gloss Lucida Laminates are as popular and sought after as they are.

The illusion of more space

Lightning is key to making a space bright and expansive. In the modern age where we have so little urban space, homes can feel so small and stressful. However, installing surfaces that can reflect light to a great degree can provide us with an illusion of space as it can brighten up the entire region and make it better. Glossy laminates have become the perfect element to install in these smaller spaces.

A small kitchen can feel less crowded and more spacious simply by making sure the space feels expansive and nice. Lighter colours also add to this aspect and benefit of glossy laminates making the space comfortable and enjoyable. This way there will be more light in the house and the space will feel very bright and comfortable.


Glossy items and visuals provide the experience of luxury in the world. This can make your home look more modern and make the space bright and incredibly brilliant. These are a great tool to have if your décor style is modern or minimal, as they can blend in with both of those needs.

Modern designs tend to be darker and sleek, focusing on sophistication, and it can be a great way to build towards that sophistication. In minimalist design, these can be the contrast in the home to make it feel and look interesting.

These are a great option, and one must seek out the best laminates in India so they too can be included in your home design.


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