Commercial Cladding Designs You Need to Know For Home


The design of the commercial cladding has improved lot during the last decade. The brick was traditionally considered a fundamental architectural framework but with advancements in technology and growing awareness around the subject, homeowners are now going for other more sustainable options. But, with a plethora of options available in the market, it would be challenging for a homeowner to choose one that suits their need.

Thus, To Simplify The Task, We Have Listed Some of The Popular Commercial Cladding Ideas for You To Choose From:

#1. Brick: Brickwork has and will remain a popular cladding material. It offers a multitude of advantages apart from being reasonable priced, thus making it one of the most preferred options.

#2. Wood: Wood cover has recently gained popularity and has become a beautiful lasting alternative to usual materials. They will increase the kerb appeal and would make enhance the aesthetics of the house.

#3. Metal: Metal cladding is a preferred choice of architect’s and imparts a modern and industrial look. It is also good to add vivid colors to the project. Also, metal is a long lasting material and you wouldn’t have to be concerned about repair or replacement for years to come.

#4. Ceramic: Since ancient Egyptian times, ceramic tiles were utilized for wall covering design. Ceramic rain screen covering systems safeguard the structure of the building exceptionally well against the elements and have a great finish. Commercial contractors prefer to go with ceramic over the conventional options.

# 5. Concrete: Precast concrete covering consists of concrete panels made off-site. These panels find a wide range of applications. Concrete is one of the most preferred construction materials owing to its strength, and has now found its way as a highly regarded material for cladding. In addition to strength, concrete can also be cast into various shapes and used as a cladding, thus enhancing the aesthetics of the wall.

#6. Cladding of Composites: Composite panels have emerged asan excellent alternative to wooden cladding. Composite cladding is formed by combining recycled wood and plastic. In composite cladding, the aesthetic of wooden composites is combined with a durability of an engineered composite. In addition to the aesthetics and durability, this type of cladding is also environment friendly, since it uses recycled material for the job.

#7. Cladding of Metal Mesh: There is no question that the metal mesh cover design has a unique appearance. Metal mesh coverings are a highly versatile and can be formed into different shapes to create intriguing architectural designs.

#8. Plastic Cladding: These plastic cladding panels can be a terrific addition to the entire facade building. Plastic cladding is usually cheap, light weight, and easy to install. The advantages here far outnumber the cons, thus making it one of the most preferred cladding among st the homeowners. It’s not just the homeowners that find it appealing, but also the commercial cladding contractors.

#9. 3D Cladding: In the current architecture, 3D cladding has grown more and more fashionable. However, not all ideas recommended by the contractor are bound to be hit. Experts in the field recommend a thorough research before going for this type of cladding since the outcome can sometimes be terrible and the whole process will turn out to be a waste of time and money.


Selecting the appropriate materials for your next design project can be a problem with so many option snow available in the market. Not all options will suit your home and neither will they suit your budget. Therefore, Based on the list above, Choose the desired type of commercial cladding, Then conduct a thorough research over it and check the various available option. Only then should you make the final decision.


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