Common kitchen design mistakes to avoid

kitchen design
kitchen design

Any homeowner looking to upgrade their kitchens will find it a worthwhile investment. It adds value to the property both aesthetically and functionally. To ensure you don’t incur long-term costs, there are a few mistakes to avoid in kitchen design. Do not overlook details that are smaller.

While it’s easy to get carried away in the creative design process, an Interior Designer expert advises taking the time to consider what you need in your kitchen at the beginning of the process.

From multipurpose islands to space-saving U-shaped kitchen ideas, our kitchens are becoming the best-dressed rooms in the house thanks to smart design. Here are five things you shouldn’t do when designing your dream kitchen. It is crucial to consider the flow of a kitchen layout first and foremost – this is critical to its success. Work Triangle – the triangle formed by the placement of sink, cooker, and fridge corresponds to the flow of the kitchen. Based on the journey flow from one to the other, the triangle helps determine how to best lay out a kitchen. Nevertheless, today’s kitchens work harder than ever before, and the age-old principle of the triangle is no longer valid.

Worktops that are mismeasured

An incorrectly installed worktop can disrupt a kitchen’s entire functionality. Could you please tell me if the height of a worktop can be determined using a rule? In his opinion, worktops in kitchens are generally between 890mm and 940mm high, according to An Interior Designer expert, The height gives the highest degree of comfort when performing kitchen tasks.

Worktop height, however, is determined by the thickness of the worktop and the height of the plinth. Your supplier or your personal preferences will determine whether these two items are included or not.

Poorly constructed flooring

Make the costly mistake of choosing the wrong flooring for your kitchen. According An Interior Designer expert, the three most important factors in choosing hard flooring for kitchens are safety, durability, and ease of cleaning. If you want high quality flooring in your kitchen, choose durable, low maintenance flooring that will withstand heavy traffic.

Flooring styles like vinyl and laminate have specific features and advantages when it comes to kitchens; each of them is durable and cost-effective. You should take the time to think about the space you want to update before selecting a type of kitchen flooring. By doing so, you can select the right style and material for the space.

Working with the wrong paint

The color might be important, but the finish is more important since bad finishes won’t last no matter how beautiful the shade is, it will quickly be ruined by spills and splashes. Paint for the kitchen should be more durable than regular matt emulsions.

‘Kitchens are arguably the hardest working rooms in our homes and so you need a paint that has been designed to work just as hard says expert. Standard emulsion paints on kitchen walls quickly begin to look old and dingy, so you’ll want to find something that has been specially formulated to produce a stunning matte finish which is hardwearing, grease-resistant, and is easy to clean.

Misjudging door clearance

Even though a misplaced door layout is easy to overlook, it can lead to a nightmare kitchen design – multiple doors can’t be opened simultaneously or fully. Make sure doors and cabinets are placed thoughtfully.

When you do not plan, you will have endless problems fitting it as well as using it. An Interior Designer expert says that this can affect the simplest of things, like opening cabinets or appliances. Although seemingly nonsensical, it is important to pay attention to the opening ‘swing’ of the door, which can take up an endless amount of time and lead to endless alterations. Is there enough room inside my tall fridge to stand, or can my wall unit open to accommodate feature pendant lights.

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