Common Problem Areas Encountered During A Home Inspection


When it comes to home inspection, you should realize that the home inspector is bound to flag several issues in his report. While it is but natural for the inspector to even make comments on small issues such as a broken window pane, it would be a huge mistake on your part to just gloss over the whole report. As a buyer, you need to pay close attention to the whole report and keep your eye peeled for the major issues listed on the report. Any major issue tends to transform into a deal-breaker which is all the more reason for you to pay close attention to the report. Check out some of the deal breakers that you are bound to come across, during the actual inspection. 

  • Roofing matters: When it comes to a home inspection in St Paul MN, you can bet that the first thing that the inspector would want to take a close look at, is the roofing. A home inspector is bound to take an exhaustive look at the roof and the rafters, shingles, and even to check and see if it has any active leaks that you need to worry about. If the roof in question is an Asphalt roof and is already over 15 years old, then it could well turn out to be a deal-breaker. After all, you would not want to purchase a property with run-down roofing, which can soon develop into a major problem. 
  • Mold, mildew, and rust: When it comes to Home Inspection- you are bound to encounter mold, mildew, and rust. It would be a drastic mistake on your part to ignore the same as these can cause serious health issues down the road. More importantly, you would be well within your rights to request the seller to rectify the problem and even use this as a negotiating tactic, as a way to further drive the price down.
  • Foundation issues: If the inspector finds issues with the foundation, chances are that it will be listed right at the start. Foundation problems are one of the hardest to rectify and naturally one of the most expensive ones to correct as well. And if the inspector lists out the same in his report, you can then ask the seller to address the same within a certain period. Or you can use the same to walk away from the purchase agreement, as the last step.
  • Stagnating water: If the inspector finds stagnating water or leaking water pipes or even malfunctioning water heaters, they would be listed in the report as well. While leaking water pipes are not exactly unusual, they can develop into a huge issue if not rectified on time. Again you can request the seller to clear this up immediately or it can well turn into a deal-breaker as well.

These are some of the issues that if left to fester, can turn into major problems and result in a huge headache later on. That’s why these deal breakers need to be addressed on time and corrected by the seller.


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