Complete Stress-free Landscape Makeover in a Couple of Steps


What’s a summer without a place to kick back and relax. Your backyard is a perfect place to spend your summer enjoying the fresh air and long warm nights. But what happens when the summer is here and you still haven’t done anything with your landscape? 

Now is the time to get in gear and do your landscape before the summer passes you by. Can it be done – a complete landscape makeover on a budget and stress-free? Yes, it can. With just the right tools, equipment, and a bit of planning, you can do a complete landscape makeover without even breaking a sweat. Let’s see how.

Do some inspecting and planning

Start by doing some inspecting and planning. Take a look at your backyard and envision what you want it to look like. Try not to rip out all your plants, some of them might be salvageable with a bit of pruning and maintenance. Not to mention, ripping everything out and replacing it is quite expensive.

Then, check your garage or shed to see what tools, equipment, and materials you’re counting on. If you think you don’t have all the necessary gardening tools and landscaping equipment to makeover your landscape, don’t worry. You can easily hire whatever you need – from chainsaws and mowers to heavy-duty excavators and forklifts.

For example, the cost of a used forklift rental will depend on the type of forklift you need and for how long you need it. So, don’t worry, you can easily take care of your landscaping whether you have all the necessary tools and equipment or not.

Do pruning, weeding, and deadheading

If you’re dealing with an overgrown landscape, you can roll up your sleeves, put on some gardening gloves, and start pruning, weeding, and deadheading. As we said, it’s much more affordable to take care of the plants you already have, give them a bit of nourishment, and shape them to look better than to completely rip everything out and start all over.

You can remove plants that you dislike, that are dead, or that serve no purpose in your landscape. Prune what needs to be tamed, remove low-hanging branches, remove weeds, replant flowers or plants, and so on.

For this job, you’ll need different garden tools such as pruners, garden sheers, spades, shovels, and other similar tools. 

Check the soil

If it’s been a while since you did anything in your backyard, chances are that the soil is damaged in some areas. That means that you should get rid of old damaged soil and replace it with new, organic, and healthy soil. Depending on how large your garden is, use equipment such as an excavator or a skid-steer loader to remove the soil. 

A forklift can help you move heavy bags of new soil to the place where it needs to be put. 

If this sounds too expensive for you, you can also try to repair the damaged soil. There are different tips and tricks that can help you repair the soil. Of course, keep in mind that this is a process that will take time, so if you want this done fast, replacing damaged soil with a healthy one is a better solution.

Revitalize the grass

Having grass in your backyard can be one of the best landscaping solutions. It’s relatively easy to maintain and it looks nice. So, if you already have grass, just do some revitalization. 

First, mow your lawn, then take a look to see what’s the state of the grass. If the grass looks discolored and dry, it’s probably dead. Getting a new sod is all you can do, in this case.

And getting a new grass sod and laying it yourself shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll need to put a bit of new soil before laying new sod.

If there are patches of lawn where the grass is not doing so well, you can easily put some grass seeds in that place. 

Use planters

Nothing beats the lush and green landscape, but sometimes you don’t have space nor the time to grow plants and flowers from the scratch. Instead, you can easily use planters and flower pots in landscaping. Pots, planters, and other flower containers are quite functional, plus they can serve as decoration.

They are also quite flexible, you can move them around, use them for privacy, and you can reuse them again next year, not to mention that maintaining plants in posts is much easier. You can even use planters or pots as water features in your landscape. 

Create paths 

Pathways in a garden or backyard can be more than just functional landscape design elements. They can enhance your landscape design, alter the flow of the garden and have a great visual impact on your landscape.

To create paths and pathways you can use different materials, but gravel is probably the most affordable one of all. 

To make a pathway, mark where you want it and remove soil or grass. Then, lay down a permeable membrane that will prevent the weeds from coming through, and lastly, spread the gravel over it. You can use a small skid steer to transport and lay gravel. 

Of course, if you want something more mysterious and eye-catching, you can use flagstone to create the path. Pavers are also an option, although slightly more expensive. You can also use brick or stone to create pathways in your garden/backyard.


A complete landscape makeover is all about having a good plan, and all the necessary tools and equipment. You can have a perfect landscape in no time and the best of all – without any stress.


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